slag.  A strong blow to Bartosz Zmarzlik.  The world runner-up is already winning [RELACJA]

Bartosz Zmarzlik kicked off the 2022 season with great fanfare, and the current world ace standard runner-up has won the ace standard by full points. Patrick Dudek and Michael Michelsen completed the podium.

Matthews Kozaniki

Bartosh Zmarzlik

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / Pictured: Bartosz Szmerzlik

Over the years, the Ace standard has opened the motor racing season in Poland. Now the Bydgoszcz residents are slowly returning to this tradition. The second session in a row was held there, this time with the participation of the audience.

A year ago, Bartosz Zmirzlik was the best in the tournament, who is now also cited as the main favorite to win.

The current Vice World Champion has shown right from the start that at the start of the season he not only has great bikes, but is also at a great disposal.

Watch the video highway. It will be a record season for him. Motorcycle star will fight for everything you can get

Even after losing the start, Zimerzlik managed to break through the front of the group. Race may be 15. An example of this is, after the start, the player from Gorzow was at the end of the bet. He quickly outmaneuvered Wiktor Przyjemski, later, after a ruthless attack, finding himself ahead of Dominik Kubera. However, on the last lap he was bested by fellow club Szymon Woźniak.

While Zmarzlik was aiming for his second straight win in the ace standard, there was a struggle in the background for the remaining podiums. Patrick Doddick was doing his job, while Kenneth Peer was surprised. The Dane, who has been in the Abramczyk Polonii Bydgoszcz colors since this season, started with a high C, then gave an even act. He also had an exciting fight with Daniel Jelinovsky.

Bartosz Zmarzlik won the tournament with ease and joined the group of players who have achieved at least two victories in the event. However, he is a far cry from the achievement of Tomasz Golub, who has stood on the highest score of the podium 14 times. Patrick Dudek and Michael Michelsen completed the podium.

1. My Bermuda Stal Gorzów – 15th (3,3,3,3,3)
2. Patrick Dudek (Apator Toruń Nature’s Solutions) – 13 (2,3,2,3,3)
3. Mikkel Michaelsen (Motor Lublin) – 11 (2,1,3,2,3)
4. Kenneth Beer (Abramchik Bologna Bydgoszcz) – 10 (3,2,2,2,1)
5. Szymon Woźniak (My Bermuda Stal Gorzów) – 9 (1,1,3,2,2)
6. Jason Doyle (Fogo Onia Liszno) – 8 (0,0,2,3,3)
7. Jaroslav Humpel (Motor Lublin) – 8 (3,2,1,0,2)
8. Dominic Kubera (Motor Lublin) – 7 (2.3, d, 1.1)
9. Robert Lambert (Apator Toruń) – Nature’s Solution 7 (2,2,0,1,2)
10. Oleg Mikhailov (Abramchik Bologna Bydgoszcz) – 6 (3,0,0,1,2)
11. Kacper Woryna ( Włókniarz Częstochowa) – 6 (1,3,2,t, 0)
12. Adrian Miedziński (Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz) – 6 (0.2,1,2,1)
13. Daniel Bewley (Petard Sparta Wroclaw) – 5 (t, 1.3,1.0)
14. Daniel Jelinevsky (Abramshek Bologna Bydgoszcz) – 5 (1, t, 1,3,0)
15th. Wiktor Przyjemski (Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz) – 2 (0,0,1,0,1)
16. Norbert Koccius (Orzeł Łódź) – 2 (1,1, w, d, -)
17. Przemysław Konieczny (Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz) – 0 (0.0,0.0)

Running after running:
1. (65, 72) Pierre, Cobra, Kochius, Medzinsky
2. (60, 48) Zimmerzlik, Michelson, Lorena, and Doyle
3. (64, 20) Humble, Dudek, Jelenevsky, Przymski
4. (64.76) Mikhailov, Lambert, Winyak, Konichny (Bioly-T)
5. (62.96) Zmarzlik, Lambert, Kościuch, Konieczny (Jeleniewski – t)
6. (62.75) Woryna, Miedziński, Bewley, Przyjemski
7. (63, 14) Cobra, Humble, Michaelsen, Mikhailov
8. (63, 20) Dudek, Pierre, and Winniak, Doyle
9. (63,39) Woźniak, Woryna, Hampel, Kościuch (v/u)
10. (62, 27) Zamarzlik, Dudek, Medzinsky, Mikhailov
11. (63.46) Bewley, Doyle, Jelinevsky, Cobra (d4)
12. (63.39) Michelsen, Pierre, Przymsky, Lambert
13. (63,32) Dudek, Michelsen, Bewley, Kojic (D4)
14. (63,80) Doyle, Medzinski, Lambert, Humble
15th. (63, 22) Zmarzlyk, Winyak, Kobera, Przyzemski
16. (63,54) Zhelenevsky, Pierre, Mikhailov, Koneshny (Wurina – T)
17. (62.78) Doyle, Mikhailov, Przymsky, Koneshny
18. (62,57) Michelsen, Woźniak, Miedziński, Jeleniewski
19. (63,39) Dudek, Lambert, Kubera, and Warina
twenty. (62.85) Zimmerslick, Humble, Berry, Bewley

Judge: Krzysztof Mizzi
Non-infectious: 60.48sec – Bartosz Zmirzlik in race number 2
repeat: about 5000 people

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