SkyShowtime with a show for the month of April.  Another movie will be shown on the platform.  news list.  Not on Sky Showtime

SkyShowtime has already settled into the Polish market of streaming platforms for good. The service is gaining more and more subscribers, and it is not surprising that every month the service provides its viewers with more news, as well as movie premieres from last year. This time, subscribers will be able to watch No! , Jordan Peele’s latest production, which will enrich the platform’s library in April.

In addition, next month there will be such news on the site as Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, a serialized continuation of the popular musical from 1978, Drift – Partners in Crime, and a continuation of Rabbit hole and law and order season 22.

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies – starting April 7th

in Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies stars Marissa Davila as Jane, Cheyenne Isabel Wells as Olivia, Ari Notartomaso as Cynthia, Tricia Fukuhara as Nancy, Chanel Bailey as Hazel, Madison Thompson as Susan, Jonathan Nieves as Richie, Jason Schmidt as Buddy, and Maxwell. Whittington Cooper as Wally and Jackie Hoffman as Deputy Principal McGee. This musical series takes place 4 years before the plot of the Grease cult. In 1954, before rock and roll was fashionable and the T-Birds were considered the coolest gang in school, four rebellious strangers decide to live by their own rules. Their rebellion quickly causes a moral panic in the school that will change Rydell High forever.

Drift – Partners in Crime – 25 April

As children, brothers Ali and Leo loved racing and fast cars. Today they are police officers patrolling German motorways and they know how to keep their cool when chasing suspects at speeds of over 240 km per hour. Together they fight crime on German autobahns – from a dishonest organization hidden in police hulks, through illegal dealers, runaway thieves, to the Italian mafia. But when Leo unexpectedly falls for Ali’s ex-girlfriend Maria, their sisterly bond is tested.

no! – April 19th

The new horror film “No” from Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele is a dark tale that blends gripping science fiction with a complex social thriller. The film reveals the seeds of violence, danger, and opportunism that are inseparable from the romantic history of the American West…and from show business itself. In this latest film, Bale reunites with Academy Award winner Daniel Kaluuya, and co-stars Keke Palmer and Academy Award nominee Stephen Yeun. They play the role of residents of a lonely canyon in the depths of California who become witnesses of a strange and bloodthirsty discovery.

Law & Order – Season 22

Legendary Emmy Award-winning producer and creator Dick Wolf returns for a new season of Law & Order. Continuing his legacy, the series presents cases inspired by the world’s most famous contemporary events. We see new stars and fan favorite characters on screen. New seasons of the Emmy® Award-winning series maintain the classic two-part split – one about cops investigating and one about lawyers punishing perpetrators.

Mayor of Kingstown – Season Two

The Mayor of Kingstown, from Academy Award nominees Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon, follows the McCluskey family as they deal the cards in Kingstown, Michigan, where the only thriving industry is the prison system. Starring Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner and Academy Award winner Diane Wiest. The series deals with issues of systemic racism, corruption, and injustice brought to light as the characters try to restore justice and order in a city in chaos.

The Bunny Hole – Season 1

The espionage thriller series tells the story of John Weir (Kiefer Sutherland), a cunning master in the world of corporate espionage, who has been accused of murder by powerful forces that have the power to influence and control the masses.

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