Skoda is changing.  Instead of a pyramid and an arrow, a simple inscription in the logo

Skoda It presents the most drastic change to the corporate identity in 30 years. On new car models, we will not see the logo with the Indian column and arrow on the front. Now it will be used on car covers the new A logo with the word “SKODA”, which will also be used to enhance the brand’s image in digital communication channels. This is what the new logo looks like:

new skoda logo Photo by Rafa Medri

This is how the new logo will appear on the hood of the car:

Skoda Vision 7SSkoda Vision 7S Photo by Rafa Medri

The column and arrow symbol has also been redefined. However, its simplified structure will be used to a limited extent. In this way, the brand reacts to the shift towards more digital communications. Brand representatives claim that a simpler two-dimensional graphic mark guarantees a greater impact on the recipient, especially on mobile devices, and can also be better combined with various formats.

Skoda Vision 7SThe Skoda Vision 7S has a rotating screen and a range of more than 600 km

The new brand definition will be introduced gradually from 2023. It will appear first in information and communication materials, and then, from 2024, it will also be used in newly introduced forms. The updated design will also be reflected in the infotainment system and other elements of the car.

In addition, there will be new colors in contact. Now it will be a Skoda Uses Two different shades of green – emerald and electric green. These colors represent ESD and electric mobility. The reorganization will include design changes at authorized partner sites.

The article is constantly updated with new photos

In the gallery you will find the photos we took in the studio before the premiere. Below is my conceptual one SUV cars Skoda live from the presentation that started at 19:30. As soon as we enter, we will definitely show you the idea of ​​​​the interior of Skoda in its future models.

Skoda Vision 7SSkoda Vision 7S Photo by Rafa Medri

Skoda Vision 7SSkoda Vision 7S Photo by Rafa Medri

Skoda Vision 7SSkoda Vision 7S Photo by Rafa Medri

As promised, we’re looking inside the Skoda Vision 7S as quickly as possible through the glass. At least the door hasn’t opened yet, so we couldn’t sit in the chair and take better pictures of you. Hopefully you get to see a lot more about her anyway.

Skoda Vision 7SSkoda Vision 7S Photo by Rafa Medri

Skoda Vision 7SSkoda Vision 7S Photo by Rafa Medri

Skoda Vision 7SSkoda Vision 7S Photo by Rafa Medri

This is what the interior looks like in the press photos:

Skoda Vision 7SSkoda Vision 7S photo by skoda

Skoda Vision 7SSkoda Vision 7S photo by skoda

Three new electric models by 2026

The Skoda Vision 7S, which announces the dynamic evolution of e-mobility, is an example of a new strategy. The Tech-Deck Face, an all-electric front-wheel drive vehicle, is a manifestation of the brand’s new design language. Oliver Stefani, Head of Skoda Design, is responsible for the car’s bold lines.

Skoda will invest another 5.6 billion euros in electric mobility and 700 million euros in digitization over the next five years. Three new models of electric cars have been built from the ground up, and will hit the market by 2026. There are plans for a smaller car, but also a compact SUV and a seven-seater family car, announced by the Vision 7S. Skoda aims to achieve more than 70 percent of all-electric cars in Europe by 2030 in Europe.

When discussing the brand strategy, it was also announced that a new generation of combustion models would appear in the second half of 2023. Fabulous and Kodiak. The Octavia lift will be implemented in 2024.

Watch the video
Skoda Kodiaq test in Laurin & Klement إصدار

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