Ski jumping.  Vistula.  Apoloniusz Tajner on Interia: - Act immediately

Dariusz Wołowski, Interia: Polish jumpers haven’t scored so poorly on Sunday in Wisła for 22 years – of course at the World Cup in Poland.

Apoloniusz Tajner (President of PZN): – It is difficult to argue with the facts. The results of Sunday’s competition in Wisła are another disappointment. And because this is our third bad weekend to jump into the World Cup, we’ve decided we need to act. Immediately implement the recovery plan.

His idea was that only Kamel Stoch, Piotr Shea, Aleksander Zniczkoz and Bawik Weisk went to the next World Cup competition in Klingenthal, Daoud Kobaki, Jacob Woolney, Clemens Murica and Andrei Stuka halted the starts and proceeded to rebuild their form in Austrian Ramsau?

This is a commonly used solution. It was decided by Adam Małysz, as well as Martin Schmidt during his career. The hill in Ramsau, the size of a K-90, is a good place to quietly work out technical errors. Kubacki, Stękała, Murańka and Wolny will find it very useful. On Saturday, after the team’s competition in Wisła, I spoke to Małysz about it. We did not go to Coach Dolyal with her, considering that the competition was a lottery because of the wind. The wind was steady on Sunday, and it was blowing lightly on the competitors’ backs. Apparently perfect conditions for our jumpers, if they are in good shape. But they are not.

So Doleżal offered to go to Ramsau. He has no objection?

– It wasn’t one person’s decision. Not two. On Sunday, after the solo competition, we didn’t talk to Doleżal, so he had time to cool off. He seemed distracted and affected by what had happened. Only at the hotel, when feelings had calmed down a bit, Małysz and I offered him our proposal. The meeting was also attended by coaches Grzegorz Sobczyk and Maciej Maciusiak, as well as Austrian physiologist Harald Pernitsch, who conducted tests on the mechanical parameters of our team before the competition in Wisła. The results were good, which means that the problem is not in physical preparation, but in jumping technique. This can be fixed faster. For some quiet exercises. Doyal accepted our offer, but decided that Stoch, yła, Zniszczoł and Wąsek could and should continue to compete in the World Cup. So they will go to Klingenthal, and depending on the results, they will return to Poland, or they will join the four of them in Ramsau, who will already be there.

A pandemic is spreading in Austria. Why did you choose Ramsau and not the ski jump in Wisła or Middle Krokiv in Zakopane, size K-90?

– It should be a smaller hill, because it is easier to improve your technique. It could be Zakopane, but we wanted our jumpers to just focus on work. This will be the case in Austria, where Kubacki and others will go through 5-6 quiet training sessions on the hill. Powered by physical training, rest and regeneration. In Poland, they will return home from the ski jump and take on family responsibilities. At Ramsau, they will work on shape all the time. We are not afraid of a pandemic, because in Wiesla all employees were vaccinated with a booster dose.

When will these four players go to Ramsau?

– Wednesday or Thursday. After vaccination, they will rest in Wissa for two days. Then they will not train. Then four go to Ramsau and four to Klingenthal. The entire team must go to the World Cup competition in Engelberg, Switzerland on December 18. After returning on December 20, there will be time for a day or two to train in Poland. On December 23, the Polish championship will be held in Zakopane, and on December 27, the team will go to Oberstdorf for the Seventy Four Hills Championship.

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What if the recovery plan fails?

– We’re not thinking about dark scenarios yet. Easy training should help Kubacki, Stękała, Wolny and Murańka. We don’t know exactly what causes players to misbehave. In the fall, they looked well prepared for the Olympic season. We expected the results to be better than at the beginning of winter last year. Meanwhile, it is far below expectations. You can not hesitate, be careful that the form will repair itself. The plan worked several times, and it should now too. I believe in him deeply.

Some fans are nervous.

– We must act calmly. Do not panic, try to solve the problem. Neuroscience is a bad advisor. If there’s anyone in Poland who would like it to be better, it’s certainly Małysz in the first place. Also Doleżal and Sobczyk and all of us. I’m sure our jumpers will be back to normal. when? I have a feeling it will happen sooner rather than later.

Interviewed by Dariush Wolowski

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