June 5, 2023


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Ski jumping.  The photo from Zakopane caused a storm.  "Shame"

Ski jumping. The photo from Zakopane caused a storm. “Shame”

On Friday evening, the singles qualifiers for the World Cup were scheduled to take place in Zakopane. However, it has been postponed to Sunday Because the wind blows a lot.

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Before it became clear that Friday’s qualification would not take place, a photo of the qualifying captain’s chair was posted to the Polish Ski Association’s profile. Furniture, to put it mildly, did not appeal to the fans.

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“But the village. Take that chair away… It will be shown on TV all over the world… Shame…”, “Please, take this trash! But embarrassing!” , “I hope you soak today, make it rot by tomorrow. Or it will freeze. And to shame. Also the colors of that grandma… please”, “This armchair is a mockery… Direct from hasiok. Good promotion of Zakopane in the world. There are so many So many beautiful highland furniture, can’t you think of some local? Shame!” – wrote netizens in the comments.

“Fortunately, the qualifiers have been canceled…there is a chance that a wider audience won’t see…that’s a thing,” said one fan after the qualifiers were postponed.

Qualifiers will be held on Sunday at 14:30. The competition is scheduled for 16:00. On Saturday, the team competition will be held. Formal training will start at 1.30pm and the competition at 4:00pm.

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