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These are the final results for Saturday’s contest in Oslo.

Source: Eurosport Results of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air 2023

It was Laniska’s jump that gave him the win today.

Video: Eurosport Laniska’s jump from the second series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

Kubacki was the best of the Poles today. Stoch finished 13th and ya 29th.

no! Kraft is the second! Lanisek wins today’s competition, and Geiger completes the podium!

A good jump for the Austrian – 128.5 m, but is it enough ?!

The Norwegian did not. He jumped only 121, which is ninth. I just left Kraft.

And we are waiting for the Forfang, which is hampered by the wind, to jump.

We’re watching Stoch’s second jump.

Video: Eurosport Stoch’s jump from the second series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

What a trip Laniska?! 139.5 meters !!! He is the first with an advantage of 6.7 points and is already sure of a place on the podium!

Wittner (119m) in the lead will not be spoiled.

128.5m Graneruda, so it also failed Geiger. What a stunning German attack?!

Wittner is ready and has managed to outrun his jump after Graneruda, who is already preparing for the test.

127m Wellinger. It is behind Geiger, losing 6.4 points.

Sundal jumped 126.5m and is now the runner-up.

Back to the completely failed yły jump.

Video: Eurosport Skok Żyły from the second series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

Tande (126.5m) slightly ahead of Kubacki by 0.3 points and takes second place.

Stoch made the jump instead. He did well (124m), but it was only enough to take fifth place.

Fettner, who has a linkage problem, did not appear during the race. He will jump later.

We watch Kubacki jump.

Video: Eurosport Kubacki’s jump from the second series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

Geiger is ahead of Kobaki and Haibuk. 10 players left.

Correct but not great jump by Zajac. The Slovenian jumped 124.5 meters, which is fourth.

But we have a wind lottery … Geiger drew wonderfully and amounted to 137.5 m !!! He has a nearly 12-point advantage over Kubacki. The jury lowers the candidacy.

We quickly took a cold shower. Żyła was unlucky with the circumstances and … dropped to 106.5 metres, which is practically at the end of the classification.

Pole found great conditions and used them flawlessly. He is, of course, the leader with an advantage of 2.4 meters over the Hayboeck.

Kobuki’s Genius Leap!!! 135 million!!!

119.5m and fifth place for Nakamura. Now it’s time for kobaki.

Great Hypok Journey! 132.5m is the slam dunk of previous competitors. The Austrian can really make a great promotion.

The top ten of the last series is behind us. Lindvik is leading ahead of Deschwanden and Aigner.

125.5 m and a change in the commander’s seat. Now Lindvik is sitting on it.

Deschuanden (126.5m) is in the lead after four jumps.

Steiner started with a jump of 112.5 metres, and could hardly count on being promoted.

We are starting the second series!

Here is another leap for the current leader.

Video: Eurosport Kraft’s jump from the first series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

Video: Eurosport Kubacki’s jump from the first series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

Kraft is the new leader of Raw Air after two series of jumps. Kubacki fell from first to seventh.

The series finale will start at 15.48.

Video: Eurosport Skok Żyły from the first series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

Source: Eurosport Results from the first round of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air 2023

This is how the best Poles shaved today.

Video: Eurosport Stoch’s jump from the first series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

Granerud fared much better. 128.5m gave him fourth place. Halfway through, Kraft is ahead of Forfang and Lanisk. For the Poles, it was not a successful series. The best of them was Stoch (ninth). Only Żya (14) and Kubacki (16) will start in the final. Zniszczol was very unlucky, finishing the competition in 31st place.

Kubacki, unfortunately, this time is very average. 120.5m … The wind didn’t help, but this is only the 15th place.

Go Lanis! As far as 133m with very strong winds for skiing. This is the factor that only put him in third place.

Kraft knows how to jump in Raw Air! Today’s longest jump is 129.5m and great marks. Forfang finally changed hands in the lead.

I did well! yła shows again that you shouldn’t advance to weaker training jumps. 122.5 m currently 11.

Wellinger will count today as well. The German jumped 127m and the third.

Great leap from Kobayashi. 127.5m and it is he who finally separates the Norwegians. It’s the second.

124.5 m. This time Wittner is now fifth.

Zajc is in good shape, but he won’t drive this time. 124.5m and fifth place behind Stoch.

Chovenig is 126m tall, but he’s just behind Stosch. In fifth place.

First break today. She’s blowing hard under her skates at the moment.

Stotch! Very good jump and landing at a height of 124.5 meters. Our compatriot is in fourth place, 8.9 behind Furfang.

Eisenbichler (114m) and Znieczkull missed only one worse jump to advance to the final.

We have three Norwegians in the top three places.

Teammates have been matched by Forfang! It reaches 128.5m very well. Of course he is the new leader.

Beautiful Tandy’s Journey. 126.5 and ranks second, a point behind Sandal.

Video: Eurosport The devastating jump from the first series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

Hope for the destroyer is not dead yet. He’s second in the standings, and we still have 20 players ahead of us.

Video: Eurosport Skok Wąska from the first series of Saturday’s competition in Oslo – Raw Air

Leyhe’s successful bid. 123.5 allowed the German to jump into third place, behind only Nakamura and Sundal.

Bresadola faced massive problems after stepping out of the doorway. Fortunately he saved himself. Distance (100.5m) doesn’t really matter here.

This competition is not going well for us… 105m is tight. He has no chance of advancement.

Sundal has a great jump behind him! 127.5m Norwegian and a very clear advantage over the rest of the field. It has already been upgraded.

It’s a pity, only a devastating 115m and sixth place. This jump was nothing like the one in the drill series. We will shudder to upgrade.

Kytosaho also achieved 120.5m and is now first.

Finally we got a good jump. Nikaido landed at 120.5m and is the new leader.

Although wind diversions don’t indicate this, conditions on the hill must have deteriorated, because the next contenders are nowhere near Point K.

This was the trial of Woolley, who was currently ranked third from the end.

Video: Eurosport Walney’s jump from the first series of Saturday’s Oslo-Rho Air competition

A series of shorter jumps, so no change in lead.

Very good hop from Slovenian Masle. 124 miles is now the first. He outsprinted Ringen by only 0.2 points, because a strong wind was blowing his skis.

Ringen is the first jumper to reach point K (120 metres). The Norwegian, of course, is driving.

The first magnate, Jacob Woolney, is also located in the basement. The jump was not successful – only 106.5m. You can forget about upgrading.

An interesting case. Lisso (112m) also jumped second and is in fairness with Nousiainen.

Nousiainen started the competition with a distance of 114 metres.

We will start the competition from the tenth starting platform.

Video: Eurosport Merk and Formela before the Raw Air competition in Oslo

A short studio before the start of the Eurosport 1 competition.

Three poles finished the series trials in the top ten. Our appetite was awakened. The competition starts in less than 20 minutes!

But Graneruda’s answer?! 134.5m and he finally beats the competition in the time trial series!

kobaki!!! 129.5 m, with a very clear progression!!!

Another average jump from ya – only 119 meters and a place far away.

Zajc (127.5) becomes the new leader. 127.5 was enough for him, because he had a shorter ride.

123.5m from Stoch bottom inrun. It’s right behind the destroyer.

Forfang, Tande, Sundal and Zniszczoł – this is how the headlights look now.

Another Forfang meter fell. Norwegians are really strong in their home country.

130.5m from Norway’s Tandy and is now the best in the series.

128.5 meters by Aleksandar Znieszkoza. Long trip in favorable conditions. Pole with the second point score after jumping twenty players. Christopher Eriksen Sundal, representing the hosts, took the lead.

This year the course consists of a record 18 jumps in 10 days. The organizers abandoned team competitions in favor of individual competitions only, so that players from weaker teams would not be excluded from fighting in the general classification.

Sondre Ringen from Norway flew 123.5 metres. This is the best jump among the ten players who jumped.

We started training. The jump has already been made by the first pole. Jacob Woolney only gained 110.5 metres.

Trials will start in a few minutes.

Trials will start in a few minutes.

Saturday’s jumping competition will be preceded by a trial series.

Video: Eurosport Kubacki after an introduction on Friday’s Raw Air in Oslo

In the overall World Cup classification, Norway’s Halvor Egner Granerud leads Kubacki by 293 points.

Poland will be represented in Oslo by: Aleksander Znieszczew, Pawik Wisek, Jakub Wolny, Kamil Stosch, Piotr Sjela and the aforementioned Kobacki.

Kubacki won on Friday, naturally within the lead on the course. Here are the Raw Air rules.

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