Ski jumping.  Apoloniusz Tajner commented on Kamil Stoch’s figure crisis

The president of the Polish Ski Federation was a guest on the sports channel. Tajner stated that taking a break from jumping in the event of a shape crunch isn’t new, even in the case of absolute top competitors.

– There were already such situations for top players several times before the Olympic Games that they lost their level or did not have them at all, and then during the event they reached medals or even won. I remember this situation from 2003 with Adam Meais, when we didn’t know what was going on, why he was doing so poorly, so we took him out of the following races and organized training. After 30 days, he returned to two world championships. Once upon a time, Piotr Fijas had a similar condition, and Martin Schmidt did the same. This maneuver is used when the opponent is in the hole and there is no apparent reason. Most importantly, there were no comments or complaints about the preparation period. We monitored him with Adam Meais and had no comment. It was the last moment to withdraw the entire stoch and organize the exercises, said Apollonius Tajner, and the reaction during it was.

– After the World Cup in Wissowa there was a meeting, we suggested some solutions, but the decision is up to the head coach. PZN cannot interfere with the work of the coach. We have to trust Doleżal and the staff, and I think Adam Małysz discussed all the variables during Monday’s discussion. At the moment, we support the technical staff and the coach in all the decisions they take (…) At the moment, we are not thinking about changing the coach. If ever there was a situation where continuing to work on this coaching staff would be futile, it would be Adam Macy’s job. He has a very good feeling, but there is no topic yet – added the head of PZN in the High Lots program.

The remaining members of the Polish team will participate in the other two TCS competitions, which will be organized in Bischofshofen. Before the World Cup, Camille Stoch will be training in Polish ski jumps. The Polish Olympic champion will be an important part of the Polish team during the Winter Olympics.

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