Singer Headley sexually assaulted: Her life 'broken beyond recognition'

An Ontario woman who was sexually assaulted by former Headley singer Jacob Hoggard said Thursday that her life has been “distorted beyond recognition.”

The woman, whose identity cannot be released due to a publication ban, spoke at the singer’s sentencing hearing. CTV News Thursday.

“Before November 22, 2016, I was a different person. “I never changed after that day,” she said. The part I can’t find has died that day. My life as I knew it was stolen from me and mangled beyond recognition. This attack took away my dignity, my intimacy, my body, my faith and my voice.”

As a reminder, Jacob Hogarth was convicted in June of sexual assault causing bodily harm in this case.

The Ottawa woman explained in her statement that she chose to go to court without the support of anyone close to her because she “couldn’t see them suffer anymore.”

The woman continued, “The months following the attack were lonely and dark days [sa] Life”.

“I walked away from everything I loved,” he said. I lost important job opportunities at work. I will never be able to see those precious moments with my loved ones again. I think that’s what hurts me the most. I cut off contact with everyone I loved. The loneliness was unbearable at times.

The assailant’s sentencing hearing took an unexpected turn Thursday morning when his attorney took issue with evidence in a forensic psychiatric report that named some of his sexual partners.

The hearing is scheduled to continue through Zoom on October 14 from 10 am. At that time Mr. Hogarth will have a chance to speak.

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