Silesia has big problems.  Warta Poznań wins the Wrocaw!

It pays to play matches at home in Grodzisk Wielkopolski and he is so used to the atmosphere of constant wandering that he feels at home in foreign stadiums. It has spread to the point that no other team scores equally well in the entire Ekstraklasa opponent’s area. If she could still win at Grodzisk, she would be top of the league.

This time, it won Wrocław Castle, which in the current season is a fairly traditional name, because although Silesia has previously lost at home only once (with Rakowo 1:4), it has not had a stadium that causes calves tremors for a long time. Hosts strain their points and are usually neither pretty nor effective. They are unable to play a good and even game for 90 minutes, their level is choppy and he doesn’t know what to count on. Monday’s match is a perfect match for this distinct phenomenon.

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