Significant increase in social security contributions for the self-employed and the self-employed.  Check how much you will pay now

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki confirmed that in 2023 we will face a two-stage increase in the minimum wage: the first time in January to PLN 3,490, and the second in July to PLN 3,600 total. It is about 590 PLN, which is almost 20 percent. most of the day. It is expected that the Cabinet’s list in this regard will be published in the next few days. How will this affect employer costs and Social Security contributions?

In recent weeks we have seen many discussions about the minimum wage in 2023. It was known that the rate hike would be in two stages. The amounts of PLN 3,350 and PLN 3,500 were announced in May. In the draft decree, published in July, the increase was maintained in two stages, but its value amounted to 3,383 PLN and 3,450 PLN, respectively.

– Today it is already known that the minimum wage will rise twice, first from January to PLN 3,490 and then from July to PLN 3,600 – says Piotr Juszczyk, senior tax advisor at inFakt.

For entrepreneurs who hire workers and pay them minimum wage, the increase in minimum wage will be slightly higher.

inFakt . press materials

Including ZUS contributions, it will eventually be about 750 PLN, nearly a quarter more than today. So companies will have to increase their payroll budgets next year. We must also remember that inflation combined with higher wages will mean … higher inflation.

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