Sidney Sweeney in Star Wars?  He can clearly play a Jedi!

attention! This content is hearsay, so it may be true, but it doesn’t have to be true.

Sydney Sweeney It doesn’t slow down. trance It brought her many opportunities through which she could perform. Just not you whether Clean, very neat, very organized. There’s also an announced remake lined up Barbarelli. Rumors have been circulating for months that the actress might have a chance to appear in Star Wars. Popular scoop @MyTimeToShineH confirms these rumours, pointing out that Sweeney may play a Jedi in an upcoming project.


Sydney Sweeney – Rumors about possible roles

It’s hard to believe the actress is planning to return to TV projects. There’s a greater chance we’ll see Sweeney in a Star Wars movie. Looking at future projects, this could be a Rey Skywalker production, or the climax of the film. The Mandalorian Or James Mangold’s project about the first Jedi.

@MyTimeToShineH also pointed out the actress’s previous alleged conversations regarding another superhero role. Scooper emphasizes that such a character is still an option. Sweeney is often referred to by fans as the new Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, who could be introduced to the real-life Spider-Man universe in the fourth installment with Tom Holland.


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