Shrek – Do you remember the really popular cartoon?  Take a quiz on cult production

In the early 2000s, the approach to animation and widely understood fairy tales changed forever. It was then that productions began to appear on cinema screens, which used not only a new creation technology, but also a completely different approach to plot construction. The characters were more realistic, and the way they spoke and what they gestured to was definitely more “human” and therefore attractive to the audience. Examples of these films include titles such as: Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Madagascar, Finding Nemo, Ice Age Or of course a partner. The production was presented to viewers in 2001 for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival, where it even competed for the main award – the Palme d’Or. Although this was not achieved, a partner It made history as the first production to win an Oscar in the newly created category, “Best Animated Feature Film.” The production proved to be a success and has produced three sequels so far – and there is more and more talk about it. Partner 5!

This is what SHREK 5 will be like? There will certainly be no shortage of this going around No. 13

Test them “partner”

Are you sure you remember correctly? A partner? Or maybe it’s time for a “rewatch”?

Test yourself in our test:

What do you remember about Shrek? Test your memory with a quiz about famous cartoons

Question 1 of 10

Where do Shrek and Donkey meet for the first time?

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