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Milly Rose Bannister recorded a video explaining to her fans how to save money. For breakfast in the restaurant, she asked for scrambled eggs and toast, but as soon as the waiter left her table, she arrived in a plastic bag.

Tiktokerka wanted to impress the monitors. It turns out the opposite

Tiktokerka took an avocado from her bag, which – to the surprise of other netizens – began spreading it on toast. Millie Rose Bannister proudly explained that by bringing this fruit with her rather than actually ordering the kind of breakfast with her, she saved a lot.

Bring your avocado with you. thank me later! – Milly Rose Bannister wrote in the description of the video posted on TikTok.

To Tiktokirka’s surprise, netizens didn’t like the idea. On the contrary, Milly Rose Bannister was hailed as a rude and rude person, and her behavior was indecent.

Commentators were surprised Since the young woman saves a lot when going out to the restaurant, she has to prepare meals on her own at home. Others joked that she would come again with a meal cooked by herself, not just an avocado.

In fact, why not cook the entire meal yourself and simply ask to be allowed to eat it on the premises? A Tik Tok user made fun of him.

I think I am fortunate because in over a decade of working in the hospitality industry, I have not encountered similar behaviour. It’s totally ridiculous for someone to find it acceptable to bring their own avocado to a coffee shop, another Bannister commentator echoed.

Milly Rose Bannister tried unsuccessfully to convince TikTok users that she had done nothing wrong. She apologized to herself that she had already spent a lot of money in a registered restaurant and that she was also very keen on supporting smaller restaurants.

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