Shopping on Sundays.  The House of Representatives decided –

On Sunday, June 30, stores will be open. Next Sunday is August 25, 2024; The next two will be in December. Friday’s vote in the relevant House of Representatives: A parliamentary bill allows shopping on two Sundays a month.

The draft amendment to the Sunday Trading Ban Law was introduced at the end of March this year. Representatives of Poland 2050. According to her:

  • You are entitled to double pay for working on Sunday.
  • The employer will be obliged to allocate a day off to the employee – from 6 days before the working day on Sunday to 6 days after it.

On June 13, during the discussion in the plenary session, PiS and the Left Club asked to reject the bill in the first reading. KO, PSL-TD, Polski 2050-TD and Konfederacja clubs supported referring the bill to the committee. The Sejm did not agree to this.

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The ban on Sunday trading has been in place for more than six years.

Let us recall that the law introducing a gradual ban on trading on Sundays came into force on 1 March 2018. As of 2020, the ban on trading only applies on seven Sundays a year: the last Sunday of January, April, June and August, as well as the Sunday before Easter and on two consecutive Sundays before Christmas.

Next Sunday is August 25, followed by December 15 and December 22.

The Law Restricting Trade on Sundays provides a list of 32 exceptions. The ban does not include, among other things: postal activity if the revenues from this activity constitute at least 40%. Revenues from the sale of a specific facility. Furthermore, this does not apply to sweet shops, ice cream parlors, liquid petrol stations, flower shops, newsagents or cafés.

The penalty for breaking the trading ban on Sunday is PLN 1,000 to PLN 100,000. A fine of Polish zlotys, and in case of continued violation of the regulations – a penalty of restriction of freedom.

What do Poles think about Sunday trading ban?

– We cannot forget the municipalities located far from residential areas, for example Ustrzyki Dolne. The nearest shopping centers are located in Rzeszow. For many residents of the Bieszczady Mountains, Sunday shopping is an important shopping trip and a way to spend time with family. According to residents, they were able to come to mass on Sunday morning or evening and it did not interfere with their ability to shop, Ryszard Pietro of Poland 2050 said in the Sejm on June 13.

Wirtualna Polska decided to ask the residents of the district what Podkarpackie thinks about these words. The majority of survey respondents (47%) do not share the MP’s opinion.

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