Shopping on Sundays 2021. Are we going to shop on November 28?  What stores will open? [LISTA]

no trade NS Sunday It has been in effect since 2018 and provided by the government law and justice. Initially, only one Sunday a month was uncirculated. In turn, in 2021 in the calendar Business Sundays There are only seven Sundays when you can shop more.

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Shopping on Sundays 2021. Are we going to shop on November 28?

November 28 is a non-commercial Sunday. We remind you that there are only two Sundays left until the end of the year when shopping at malls and malls will be available – both of which fall in December before Christmas. Next month, stores will open on December 12 and 19.

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Sunday trading ban. Where can you shop on a non-commercial Sunday?

ban trade On Sunday, however, it assumes some exceptions. On non-commercial Sundays, pharmacies, gas stations, florists, and owner-operated stores may open. Another exception is stores with post office status, which are used by large chains. The vulnerability is exploited by: ladybugand Lidl, Kaufland and Carrefour, which entered into contracts with courier companies and made it possible to receive packages from their stores.

According to detailed regulations, only Sundays will be open on the following Sundays Shops With the status of the post office, which will show that at least 40 percent. Their income comes from this activity. The law has already been adopted and will come into force from the beginning of February 2022.

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Calendar Business Sundays for 2022 as follows:

  • January 30
  • April 10
  • April 24
  • June 26
  • August 28
  • December 11
  • December 18.
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