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Our main goal is to be close to the customer and respond to his needs. That is why for several years now we have been creating new store formats, adapted to the location and expectations of consumers, but also offering the opportunity to run a local business. Hence the idea for another, completely new concept – Shopping islands in shopping malls, which we have built after conducting a market analysis in shopping malls And the expectations of their customers, informs the network’s press office.

Small footprints

One of the first islands was launched on March 16 at the Galeria Pestka shopping center in Poznań. The area of ​​​​the island is 12 square meters, and at the same time the chain is working to open islands in several major shopping centers, including in Warsaw.

Shopping islands are accessible places of the most important product categories “at your fingertips”, where the customer – on the occasion of other shopping in the mall – can quickly buy a coffee, cake or hot snack without standing in line. Depending on the point, the offer may vary – we will try to adapt it to the requirements of individual sites. However, there will certainly be well-known products from Żabka’s offer, such as hot dogs, Tomcio Paluch sandwiches or Wycisk juices and lemonades, Żabka’s press office announced.

The chain wants to apply for the best locations of the islands, for example at the entrance itself, where there is the highest customer traffic. – We strive to make our model the most suitable for market requirements. We will adapt the operation of these outlets to the opening hours of a particular shopping centreFor example, we want to open abki earlier than other stores in the mall, in order to meet the needs of their employeesThose who come to work early in the morning, according to the company.

Żabka stores in 130 shopping centers

However, the presence of Żabka stores in malls is nothing new. For several years now, the chain has been opening its traditional stores in select establishments of this type. – You can meet us in nearly 130 shopping centers, for example in Bosnania, Avenida and Manufaktura in Łódź. says the frog.

Today, shopping centers perform not only commercial functions, and therefore not everyone has time to visit a large supermarket or hypermarket, these facilities are also eager to see smaller specialized grocery stores among their tenants. In addition, not a single large grocery operator appeared in many showrooms in Poland after closing the store.

Żabka stresses that creating a new island concept does not exclude the possibility of opening standard stores in shopping malls, if there is a demand for them. – Carrots will in some way complement our traditional shop. Therefore, we do not exclude that it will appear in shopping centers where Żabka stores already operate, – explains the press office of the chain.

Żabka Nano stand-alone stores also operate in the malls – Norblin factory in Warsaw and Supersam in Katowice. This format already has a total of more than 50 outlets in Poland.

Żabka at the end of last year launched the first two stores operating on the so-called MOPs on the A2 motorway.

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