June 6, 2023


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Shocking result in the League of Nations.  It won't happen in football

Shocking result in the League of Nations. It won’t happen in football

Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Andorra, Malta – with these agencies Footballers from the Faroe Islands (ranked 125 in FIFA Ranking) won in recent years. Now Turkey has joined this group (42nd place), which is definitely the biggest surprise in the latest series of games in The League of Nations.

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The shocking victory of the Faroe Islands with Turkey

The match, which was held on Sunday evening, did not have much importance in the arrangement of the table. Turkey already took first place in Group A of Class C some time ago, so it could just be a formality for the team led by Stefan Koontz.

in the 41st minute the ball Kerim Akturkoglu sent the net into the net, but the referee did not recognize the kick due to offside. In the first quarter of the second half, the hosts hit two hits – in the 51st minute, Villigormore Davidson scored 1-0, and eight minutes later Joan Simon Edmondson moved to 2-0. The author of the honorary hit of the Turks in the 89th minute was Serdar G├╝rler.

All Faroe Islands residents will fit into the National Stadium

How much sense it was can best be demonstrated by the facts surrounding the game. The population of the Faroe Islands is about 49,000, which is less, for example, than the inhabitants of Ostruka, Rasiborz, Zgiers, Schwednica, Peshatov, Przymol, Chem and Tomazov Mazowiecki. Turkey’s population, in turn, is over 84 million, or about 1,726 times.

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Given the population of the Faroe Islands, a comparison with the number of seats in individual stadiums is also interesting. It turns out that all residents of this country will fit the National Stadium (58.5 thousand seats) or the Olympic Stadium. Ataturk in Istanbul (75,000 seats). The stadium in Thorshavn, where players from the Faroe Islands play, has only 6000 seats.

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The most expensive player in the Faroe Islands national team is Beveren Joan Simun Edmundsson, who plays in the Belgian national team SK – 500,000. euroWhile the value of all employees is only 3.7 million euros. The value of the Turkish team is approaching 260 million euros, more than 70 times.