June 2, 2023


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shocking!  Golden Globes sold out!  From now on, it will be a business

shocking! Golden Globes sold out! From now on, it will be a business

The end of a tale, the beginning of a new tale. Hollywood will never be the same again. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association was sold out. A new trading company owned by Eldridge Industries will be responsible for the Golden Globes.

Golden Globes – what will change?

Under the agreement, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be divided into two organizations: commercial and non-profit. Commercial, which Eldridge Industries pledged to create after purchasing HFPA, will be responsible for managing the Golden Globes. The goal is to modernize and professionalize the awards.

Current members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will reserve the right to vote in the process of selecting nominations and Golden Globe winners. However, Eldridge Industries will be able to expand the voting circle for anyone. HFPA members will also receive stipends for the next five years, which will be $75,000 per year.

Not everyone in Hollywood is happy with this. For example, it is not known how the Golden Globes would change if it belonged to a for-profit organization. Some also hate the fact that Eldridge Industries owns MRC Live and Alternative, a company that has a long-term contract to produce television coverage of the Golden Globe Awards.

Golden Globes – The story of the fall

Recall: the collapse of the Golden Globes and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association began with an article a year and a half ago, accusing the organization of racism. It was revealed that a small group of members consisted only of individuals of the white race. The text sparked a wave of outrage and new accusations. There were allegations of corruption and a lack of transparency. The cases of journalists who were denied the right to join the association were mentioned.

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The world of cinema called for immediate changes, but the HFPA was initially reluctant to do so. Apparently, specialists were appointed to prepare the reform, but these people soon resigned, claiming that the association lacked the real will to reform. Therefore, some platforms and brands decided not to participate in the fight for another Golden Globe, and NBC abandoned a possible concert broadcast.

This forced the assembly to carry out deep reforms. However, it remains unclear if the upcoming Golden Globes will be broadcast on NBC.