shocking!  BC Polkowice is a sensation in the Europa League

Another big victory for BC Polkowice in the Women’s Europa League! This time, the Polish champion beat the still undefeated ZVVZ USKA Praga 83:80 in the capital of the Czech Republic. In the last seconds, coach Karol Kowalewski can have a heart attack …

Christopher Kachmarczyk

Stephanie Mavunga

Press materials/Sebastian Stankovic/Photo: Stephanie Mavunga

Winning a match at home to an undefeated team by making 26 turnovers? Yes, this is possible! This is exactly what the BC Polkowice basketball players did.

It was a meeting full of turns, but in the end the “orange” turned out to be three “points” better. This is a great feeling!

Undoubtedly, Stephanie Mavunga was the hero. Just look at the stat line for the champions of Central Poland. 25 points, 17 rebounds and four blocks.

Polkowice players had a 61:50 lead going into the third quarter. After that, the housewives threw themselves into a maddening pursuit. Effect? Series 19: 2. And just when it looked like they were catching the wind in their sails, Orange got back into the game.

Watch the video: Hit from the web. He sat in the stands, took the ball and did it

The crucial part is the combat strike. The decisive goals were scored by Sasa Kadu (from behind the arc) and Yvonne Turner, who took advantage of a misunderstanding in defense of their rivals and set the outcome of the match with … 73 seconds before the end.

The Braga players had two chances at the end to lead to the equaliser. First, however, Teresa Fioralova did not control the time and fired a shot from behind the half with … 7 seconds left. Then Tiga Oblak had a chance after the loss of Pulkovichi’s players, but the “three from the knee” did not reach the goal.

Coach Karol Kowalewski didn’t even want to look at this test, and after all he lowered his head and sighed deeply. His team leads BC Polkowice with a score of 3:1 with ZVVZ USK and Valencia.

Apart from Mavunga, Artemis Spano, with 18 points (7/11 of the match), deserves an honorable mention after the match in Prague. The ZVVZ USK squad included basketball players with a past in Polish clubs: Maria Konde, Tyga Oblak and Barbora Wrzecinski, better known by her maiden name Palentova.

ZVVZ USK Praga – BC Polkowice 80:83 (21:19, 18:23, 30:23, 11:18)

ZVVZ USK: Valeriane Vukosavljevic 28, Alisa Tomas 21 (12 zb), Teja Oblak 13, Maria Conde 11, Barbora Wrzesiński 3, Simona Sklenarova 2, Tereza Vyoralova 2, Merritt Hempe 0.

B.C.E: Stephanie Mavunga 25 (17ZB), Artemis Spano 18, Sasa Kadejo 9, Veronica Telenga 8, Yvonne Turner 6, Veronica Jagda 6, Zala Friskovic 6, Claudia Gertchen 5.

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