Shock and sensation in Naples.  Berezeski made his debut, knocking out Napoli from the Coppa Italia, Becca Nonna

Naples I just started competing in this year’s Coppa Italia. In turn, for the Cremonese it was already the third meeting in this competition. Previously, the players of this team eliminated Ternana (3: 2) and Modena (4: 2). However, this is where their adventure ends. Cremonese He won, and Bartosz Bereszyński’s debut was not entirely successful.

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Marina stole the show on the red carpet. The biggest stars

Exciting Naples. Bartosz Bereszyński with his debut

The match started with Napoli attacking. Despite the fact that Luciano Spalletti put together a great reserve team, Napoli essentially tried to threaten the Cremonese goal from the very first minute. From the very beginning, players like Juan Jesus ran onto the field. Leo Ostegaard, Matthias Olivier, Gianluca Gaetano and Alessio Zerbin. Bartosz Bereszyński also made his debut, doing a decent job in the first half. You can see a lot of ambition in him and frequent attempts to join the attacks.

However, the score was unexpectedly opened by the visitors. In the 18th minute Cremonese counterattacked. David Okereke got the ball in the free field and flew to the right side of the field, which was temporarily vacated by Bartosz Bereszyński, who had been involved in attacking action a moment earlier. Then he outwitted the loose and mismatched Napoli defenders with a clever pass along the penalty area and found Charles Bickle. Record from close range. The Pole, who returned in full force, could have cut off this pass, but he gave up a little already in the penalty area.

This was not the end of the excitement of the match, however, as less than a minute later Okereke had Spalletti’s defenders roll again into the penalty area and only the fact that his shot was missed saved Meret from being tackled. The hosts responded in the 33rd minute, when, after a set piece of the match, the Serie A team’s goal area was in turmoil. He kills Juan Jesus at close range. Despite the controversy and a VAR check, the goal was allowed. Three minutes later, the hosts followed suit and Simeone put them ahead. This score remained until the end of the first half.

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The second half was played at a much slower pace. Napoli had everything under control. They didn’t press, they tried to block the threat at their own goal, which was largely successful. In the 85th minute, Piotr Zielinski also appeared on the field, replacing Elmas. Two minutes later, the unexpected happened. Cremonese draw. Unfortunately, there is a lot wrong, including Bartosz Bereszyński. It was the Pole who lost the defense of Felix Avena Gyan, who defeated Alex Merritt with a header. Neapolitan minimalism took its brutal revenge. Additional work is required to make the decision.

In the 100th minute of the match, Leonardo Cernicola left the field with a red card. Footballer He showed unsportsmanlike behavior by stepping on the leg of a Napoli player. Moments later, he appeared on the field Victor Osimhen And he managed to beat the goalkeeper the first time. He knocked down the visiting goalkeeper’s header, and Simeone’s rebound rebounded from close range. In the 115th minute, Bartosz Berezinski could have scored an assist, but his pass was missed by Andrej Angissa. Despite many other opportunities, the result has not changed. Penalties were needed.

The first three penalties ended without a single foul. Piotr Zieliński probably got this right. Napoli was brought down by Stanislav Lobotka, who hit the post. Cremonese players didn’t make a single mistake. Bereszyński was unable to make eleven. Cremonese’s opponent will be in the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia Rome. In addition to Roma, some of the matches in the quarter-finals are also Inter, Fiorentina and Turin.

Napoli – Cremonese 2-2, penalty shootout 3-4

Objectives: Charles Bickle (18 minutes), Juan Jesus (33 minutes), Giovanni Simeone (36 minutes), Felix Aven Gyan (97 minutes)

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