Shia LaBeouf proves Olivia Wilde lied about his firing
A few days ago, we wrote about a strong commitment to improvement, which Shia LaBeouf announced after a series of abuses. Among the confessions of a weak mental state and several emotional problems, there was also information about the expulsion from the set of “Don’t worry, baby” by the same director, that is, Olivia Wilde (you can read about it over here). Wilde said in an interview with Variety that she doesn’t like the way LaBeoufs works. His method was not conducive to the spirit of work I demand in my products – She said. His method requires fighting energy. Personally, I don’t think it is conducive to good performance.

LaBeouf responded to these allegations, arguing that he had resigned from further cooperation, as evidenced by the recording he posted, in which Wilde calls out to him and asks him to change his mind and try to fit in with Florence Pugh somehow. The actor also sent the director an extensive letter on this topic.

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Shia LaBeouf kicked out of “Don’t Worry Baby”?

In LaBeouf’s letter to Wilde, we read that the actor should not allow the continuity of the narrative as if he was relieved of concern for the welfare of the rest of the crew. The actor assures that it is especially important for him because of his 5-month-old daughter. He does not want the media to record a false report that could affect his image in the eyes of a child.

The recording (which is easy to find online) shows Olivia Wilde calling LaBeouf, which underscores how painful LaBeouf’s decision was for her. The director says she is not ready to accept it because she wants the film to be made. Finally, Wilde asked LaBeouf to reconsider whether he could get along with his co-projector, Florence Pugh. It is clear from Wilde’s statements that the conflict between Pugh and LaBeouf was the reason for his departure. So I convinced him to try to get along with his film partner. Furthermore, Wilde suggests that Pugh is the leader of the conflict gang.

What is Wilde’s story?

And in the same statement, in which the director announced the dismissal of LaBeouf, she expressed her clear position on the work ethic of the group:

I believe that creating a safe environment is the best way for people to do their best. My responsibility is to protect the crew. It’s my job.

You can read the news about LaBeouf’s dismissal and his placement in the industry over here.

Premiere of “Don’t Worry Baby” in September

Set in the 1950s, Don’t Worry, My Love tells the story of a married couple living in a utopian society that hides dark secrets.

You can take a look at the “Don’t Worry Baby” teaser below, where LaBeouf has been replaced alongside Pugh Harry Styles. The film is scheduled to be released at the end of September this year.

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