Sheyla Rojas returns to Peru and undergoes a new cosmetic treatment Instagram Video Farándula nndc |  BOCONVIP

He left Mexico and is currently in Lima. The former host of the show “You Are In All” has shared weird videos on her Instagram account since stepping on Peruvian soil.

“Good morning for training, then go to my bread with bacon”, Revealed the influencer in one of the first video shared on his social network.

In another clip, a former member of the reality show “This Is War” said he received cosmetic treatment from a local plastic surgeon.

“I’m at Dr. Fong’s clinic to give me a super treatment if you want to see him follow your account”, Roses pointed to a history.

Sheila Rojas will undergo cosmetic treatment

The details of Sheila Rojas’ return to Peru were provided by Magali Madina

The presenter of “Magali TV: La Firm” said on the show that Sheila Rojas is staying at a hotel in San Isitro and that the model’s partner, Mexican Louis Miguel Calarsa Muro, may be coming to Peru these days.

“Sir Winston’s (Sheila Rojas’ partner) is rumored to be coming to Lima to meet him”Medina commented on her show.

“She is staying at a hotel in San Isitro. A five star hotel in Lima, it’s very nice ”, Added.

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