She was hailed as “Miss Euro 2012”.  We know what Natalia Siwick is doing today

12 years ago, Poland and Ukraine had the pleasure of organizing together one of the most prestigious football events – European Championship. In this case, he was selected during the European Championship “Miss Euro”Which stood out from the rest of the fans sitting in the stands. However, no one expected that this woman’s career would gain such momentum. And the belief that everything started with one image.

Łukasz Gikiewicz checks on the fans’ attitude ahead of Euro 2024. Video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Natalia Civic delighted the photojournalists. This is how she became Miss Euro 2012

It was June 12, 2012. The group stage match between the Poles and the Russians was held at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw. Suddenly, the photojournalists present at the scene diverted their attention from the events taking place on the field and focused on one of the football fans sitting in the stands, who turned out to be Natalia Civic. The woman in the deep-necked shirt quickly became a star, photos of her spread across Europe, and she was finally hailed as… “Miss Euro 2012”.

To this day, Natalia Siwik claims that the interest of journalists and correspondents in her person was not just an intrigue, but just a coincidence. “There were comments on the Internet that I deliberately wore such a shirt to attract photojournalists, but that’s not true. The day before the Poland-Russia match, I got it from my friend who said that a real fan like me should get it. This neckline is not my invention.” “ – she once said in an interview with the portal “”.

Natalia Civic, who took photos during the Poland-Russia match, had no idea that in the future she would become one of the most famous Polish women. In the following years, she became a “major celebrity” in the Polish entertainment industry, and her social media activity is followed by millions of fans. What is Miss Euro 2012 doing today?

About a dozen years or so ago she became “Miss Euro 2012”. Now Natalia Siwik is pursuing a career as a model and actress

After gaining immense popularity in the media, Siwiec decided to start his career as an assistant… model. In recent years it has appeared on Covers of magazines such as, among others, “Playboy” and “CKM”. The star also appeared in many singing videos, including: V Music video for “Superlover” by Groovebusterz.

“Miss Euro 2012” also made its television debut. The star of the Polish entertainment industry, among others, participated in the first edition of the program broadcast on Polsat channel “Dancing with the Stars”. Soon after, she entered the film industry. So far, she has had the opportunity to appear in films like “Drunk 2”, “How I Became a Gangster. True Story”, “365 Days: This Day” and “365 More Days”.

Natalia Siwik also performed on stage. In 2015, she played housekeeper Ida “What’s going on?” Directed by Thomas Podsiadli. A year later, she participated in the show “Miłość.com” is directed by Malgorzata Potocka.

Siwiec can’t complain about the lack of success in his private life either. In 2012, the celebrity married a businessman Mariusz RadoszewskiShe is currently raising her daughter, Mia. For some time, family She left her home country and moved to Mexico.

Natalia Siwick, Euro 2012/Piotr Blawicki/East News

Natalia Civic/Jacek Kornikowski/Akba

Natalia Civic/Mieszko’s Big Five/Akba

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