She was an icon and no one wanted to work with her.  "Maybe I was just crazy"

Have you ever made a mistake in dreaming of reality? Or steal something with money? Maybe you’re just crazy. Or is it the effect of the sixties?

– Here’s what Winona Ryder says about herself, whose dizzying career collapsed when she was accused of stealing and illegal possession of prescription drugs. She was an icon and the face of a whole generation, and suddenly no one wanted to work with her. “It’s so unstable, it’s crazy.” Hollywood was saying.

Her life is a script ready for a dramatic movie. It was always weird. She grew up surrounded by books and hits Aldous Huxley and Allen Ginsberg used to visit her parents’ house, and her godfather was Timothy Leary, who became a drug prophet in the 1960s and encouraged young people to question America’s petty-bourgeois values. As an introverted and dreamy teenager, she did not find a place among her peers. While in high school, she wrote screenplays for Martin Scorsese, and found her way straight from film school in San Francisco to Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice.” This is how the world got to know Winona Ryder and fell in love with her.

She also liked Johnny Depp so much, who asked her to marry him after only five months of dating. She got millions of dollars for roles and became a real movie star. She played with the best directors in the world: Burton, Coppola, Scorsese, Jarmusch and won Golden Globe and Oscar nominations. She was the first actress since Natalie Wood to transform from a child into an adult woman on screen. After the theft scandal, Winon seemed to disappear from the screen forever, but returned in darkness and obscurity. “Weird things”.

Rarely has any series achieved such success in recent years, and his role contributed to it.

The documentary “Winona Ryder: Master, Outsider” can be viewed for free on the VOD platform

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