She starred in the second part of “Avatar”.  She was sure that the movie had been in theaters for a long time and flopped

Eddie Falco plays General Francis Ardmore, Pandora’s new military commander, in Avatar: The Creature of Water. As Earth slowly dies and its inhabitants are forced to look for a new home, the general’s job is to adapt Pandora so that people can live on it. However, the famous actress and four-time Emmy Award winner was not to be found in materials promoting the James Cameron movie. Hence, it was a surprise to the fans that she played it. For her, it came as a surprise that “Avatar: Essence of Water” had just hit cinemas.

The first “avatar” I saw him when he was released. I shot the second part four years ago. Then I was busy with other work commitments. Then someone mentioned the movie, and I thought maybe it wasn’t doing well in theaters because I hadn’t heard anything about it. Yes it was! And when someone told me recently that the movie “Avatar” premiered, I was surprised it hadn’t been shown yet. I’ll probably never get another role because of all this talk,” Falco joked in a recent interview on ABC’s The View.

In the same conversation, the actress revealed that she wasn’t completely satisfied with the role she was cast in. He plays one of the few people in the entire movie. “I wanted to be blue! I was excited to be blue and tall. I didn’t stay blue or tall,” said the actress.

It’s possible that Edie Falco may also appear in the upcoming Avatar movies. Many of these have already been planned. Filming of the third part has already been completed, the full script for the fourth part is ready, for which the first chapter has also been completed. If these films are successful at the box office, then in the fifth installment, the blue Na’vi will visit Earth. There are also plans for a sixth and seventh parts, which, however, Cameron will not be directing.

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