Steve Duquette, the Hell’s Angels of the Sherbrook Division, who was charged with conspiracy to commit murder in 2015 following Operation Surrey, has been acquitted of two-thirds of his sentence in a legal release, but must comply with several conditions.

Daniel Renat

Daniel Renat

Initially, the 55-year-old Duquette was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison, but the appellate court reduced his sentence to 12 years, after Biker and other Hells Angels challenged their imprisonment, and the trial began after a single surrogacy operation was halted in the fall of 2015.

Duquette was one of those who received one of the harshest sentences in Operation Surrey, which took place on April 15, 2009.

He fled during a police mega strike and was arrested two years later while hiding in an apartment in a building near the Olympic stadium at another Hells Angels Michael Grenier company. Montreal.

The former Hell’s Angels, who became a repentant witness, told police during the Biker War in April 2000 that he and Duckett had mistakenly killed a man they thought was a member of the enemy rock machine club. In the courtyard of a toxicology center in Saint-Frederick in Pius.

Considered a Hell’s Angels

In their conclusion, issued earlier this week, Wiretaping reveals that Canada’s parole boards did not want to leave Touquet’s Hell Angels, and that he had been in constant contact with criminals during his imprisonment, and that he had given his consent to physical retaliation. , And his motivation and responsibility levels are moderated.

“You are a member of a criminal organization that unites criminals, among others, to allow it to continue its criminal activities in an efficient communication network, expand its territory and develop its activities illegally. In doing so, it must shoulder the wheel for a variety of crimes. You have been a member of this criminal biker group for more than 25 years and your crime is directly related to this affiliation and you do not intend to separate yourself from it, so despite your talk about your desire to distance yourself from this group, the activities organized by this organization and The Commission states that you maintain your participation in the meetings within the walls and that you maintain close contact with the members. Write to the Commissioners, they impose conditions on the former member of Evil Ones, who became Hell’s Angels in 1999.

Therefore, the rider may not be in frequent contact or contact with any person with a history or criminal record, or who belongs to a criminal organization, except for two unidentified persons who have been close to Duket and have been rehabilitated for many years.

Duket must obey the curfew until 10pm and 6am, disclose all his financial transactions, have only one phone and one SIM card, and hand over his phone records to his supervisors, not frequent drinkers.

Only two other Hell’s Angels have been jailed following their convictions in Operation Surrey: Normand Marvin O’Malley of the Trois-Rivers Division and Claude Morin of the Quebec Division.

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