“Shame”.  The Polish national team star did not mince his words.  There was no indication of this

Polish actors are slowly thinking about Paris. The Olympic Games will begin on July 26 in the French capital. He knows the taste of a gold medal all too well Justina Šveta-Erseticwhich is in Tokyo He became an Olympic champion In the 4 x 400 meter mixed relay. Moreover, in the same event, the athlete won the silver medal in the 4 x 400 meter relay.

The ticket is very well deserved for the entire team. I have to admit that this medal is just a stop for what I would like to achieve this season. Very important, because in my case there is a constant sine wave – sometimes better, sometimes worse. This race gave me a great boost and motivation, and I hope that in a few months in such a big team we can achieve our dreams.

~ Ercetic-san said after the competition.

Unfortunately, a few weeks have passed and a lot has changed for this player.

Justina Cveta-Ercetic – After qualifying for the Olympic Games. video/Press materials/Press materials

“Shame”. The Polish Olympic champion did not mince her words

“The first feelings after the start of Saturday have subsided a little (if I can say so) … Anger, bitterness, misunderstanding, shame, but above all, great disappointment… Disappointment in myself, the coach and all of you. There was nothing during training that indicated that everything would end this way… I think it was the first time in my life that a four-hundred racer hit me so hard and hit me…” – the runner wrote on social media.

Well, nothing… I hold this result on my chest, collect my four letters, draw conclusions, and try to keep fighting.

~ She added in her Facebook post.

It’s all about the performance given at the Janusz Kosuscinski Memorial at the Silesian Stadium. She won the competition which was one of the main attractions of the entire event Natalia Kaczmarek With a very good time of 50.42. The remaining competitors were far behind, with Laviai Nielsen, second at the finish line in the series, with a score of 51.47. Marika Popović-Drapala finished fourth, followed by Eija Baumgart-Wytan and Kinga Jaca.

Święta-Ersetic was only eighth with a time of 53.68which, even in the weaker second series, would give it an extra place behind many other Poles.

No wonder she was angry with herself after what she had done. On the other hand, although this is a worrying sign ahead of the European Championships and the Olympic Games in Paris, a bad day can happen to anyone at any time. A star like Justina Cveta-Ercetic has already achieved so much that she no longer has to beat herself up.

Justina Šveta-Ersetic/France Press agency

Natalia Kaczmarek/Domenico Cipitelli/Live Media/DPPI/France Press agency

Justina Šveta-Ersetic/France Press agency

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