Shame Kozakiewicz!  Tasteless joke by the latest KO candidate at the Sports Champions Gala

The Sports Champions Gala is behind us, during which the title of the country's 2023 Sportsman of the Year went to the outstanding tennis player Iga Švetek. The ceremony was an opportunity to recap the past year in sport and meet the sporting community in a very elegant way.

But not everyone can act elegantly.

Vladislav Kozakiewiczwas a great athlete, then became an unsuccessful politician (in 2011, PSL candidate for the House of Representatives, in 2019, European Alliance candidate for the European Parliament, in 2023, Civic Alliance candidate for the Senate – not elected three times), he decided to tell A “joke” about Olympic athletes in their 70s.

But the problem is that the level of this joke was as good as the Polish national football team's performance last year. And in the end you could be disgusted, as happened after the memorable matches against Moldova.

After Kozakiewicz's disgusting punchline, not everyone smiled, but – as can be seen in the recording – Apollonius Tajner, a member of parliament for the Civic Coalition, liked the joke.


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