March 28, 2023


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Sevilla publishes a statement about Barcelona’s payment of the former vice-president of the arbitrators’ committee ›

Sevilla published a statement in which they talked about the scandal related to the payment of former vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees Jose Maria Enriquez Negrera by Barcelona. The following is a statement from the Andalusian club asking for clarification of the matter.

A few days after the so-called “Negrera case” was announced to the public, Seville wants to express its concern and indignation at the facts that the media reveals day after day, explaining that it is absolutely necessary to get to the bottom of the matter to explain what happened and, if necessary, to do so. hold those responsible accountable.

The seriousness of the facts known so far, questioning the refereeing or spreading doubts about the legitimacy of Spanish football, has also prompted Sevilla to call publicly on the League and UEFA, as the highest representatives of Spanish football, and, moreover, the Spanish Football Federation, as responsible Elder on the collective arbitration team, to ensure that when the time comes, provide support and take a personal part in all proceedings that may arise in this case when the investigation is concluded.

Finally, Sevilla would like to express that, outside the clubs and their institutions, the fans of all teams deserve respect, and it is the responsibility of those in power to foster the necessary context so that the integrity of the competitions in which we participate is never compromised. called to ask.

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