Several times more power, and that’s not the end of the advantages.  These superconducting cables represent a real leap into the future

The startup VEIR is behind this extraordinary project. The technology of the same name is expected to create highly advanced networks with amazing reliability. If all goes according to plan, this solution will be widely introduced within the next two years.

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Superconducting cables are just one part of the ultimate success. The other is the cooling system. The combination of the two technologies increases the efficiency of power transmission. Compared to traditionally used lines, the improvement is five to ten times.

The infrastructure for power transmission requires modernization, and the development of countries in the poorest parts of the world means that many lines have to be built from scratch. Therefore, the demand for VEIR technology should be high. Initially, these lines will be adapted to carry power up to 400 MW, although this limit should be raised in the following years.

VEIR superconducting cables will be used to build power transmission lines. The full-scale pilot project is set to begin in 2026.

The higher power levels at significantly lower voltages mean that the resulting lines can be smaller, which will have some optical advantages. Increased bandwidth is therefore one advantage, but the ability to build the infrastructure without any special interference with the surrounding areas will also be a big advantage.

Moreover, taking into account the growing popularity of renewable energy sources both in Europe and other continents, the emergence of the described technology in our country is also expected. These lines can be used to transmit power, for example, from photovoltaic farms or wind farms. Add to that the vision of increased resistance to failures, and we have a really tempting solution.

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The pilot program, which should demonstrate how realistic it is to implement VEIR on a large scale, is scheduled to begin in 2026. This line will provide power to data centers, utility companies and industrial facilities. The power will reach 400 megawatts and the voltage will be 69 kilovolts. As representatives of the startup emphasize, there is no doubt that decarbonization plans, which have been implemented for years, will require an increased share of energy networks around the world.

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