Several months later, Prince Charlene is reunited with the children and meme.  He underwent a mysterious operation.  Share family photos

The first reports of the separation of the Duchess of Monaco Charlene from her loved ones, Appeared in the media in June. It was then that the focus was on the fact that she would not spend another wedding anniversary with her husband, Prince Albert. Her health did not allow her to leave South Africa, where she went to promote the work of protecting rhinos. She contracted an infection and underwent a mysterious operation. To date, he lives in Africa.

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Princess Charlene met her relatives

But now she feels good enough to meet Children and her husband, and they visited her in South Africa. This is their first visit after nearly three months of separation – in June they met each other for the last time. Photos from this event appeared on Charlene’s Instagram profile. The Duchess and the Prince pose with twins: Gabriella and Jacob. Attracts attention Hairstyle Six-year-old girl who is completely original:

I’m so glad my family is with me (Gabriella decided to cut herself!). I’m sorry Bella, I tried to fix this, I happily wrote.

As we know, the Duchess underwent surgery two weeks ago. However, it is not known what is the cause. Some people speculated that it might be related to a sinus infection that afflicted Prince Albert’s former wife.

Cieślak and Miszczak did not want wedding gifts. Staraks . broke up

However, not many believe that the health of the Duchess is worse. There are theories that her departure was due to a marital crisis. It has long been known that Prince Albert is not an ideal husband, he committed many infidelities, as his wife knew. It is also no secret that he has illegitimate children. To this day, many remember how Princess Charlene, during the wedding ceremony, could not hold back her tears, and, unfortunately, they were not tears of joy or passion.

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