Serious Rules 2021: Roman Reign WWE Universal Champion Game-Total

So far came the live online broadcast of the WWE event Extreme Rules 2021. Friends of El Comorcio, thank you so much for joining us!

We review the results of the night in extreme terms

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch loses to disqualification, but remains champion.
United States Championship: Damien successfully defends his title in three threats against Priest Jeff Hardy and Sheamus
Raw Women’s Championship: Charlotte Blair defeats Alexa Bliss and continues to rule.
Universal Championship: Roman Rings “The Demon” defeats Finn Ballard.
Usus (Jimmy & Jay) retain their titles against SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Street Profit (Angelo Dawkins and Montes Ford).
Liv Morgan avenged Carmella and won their match.

Roman Reigns Still Universal SmackDown Champion!

Finn Belor freed himself from Youssef, but Roman Reigns appeared to him to use the spear.

The regime’s biggest spear against Finn Belar!

The Uzos entered to save the Roman Empire when Finn wanted to end the Battle of Belor!

Low blow from Finn Belor when Roman Reigns was about to count! The champion suffers!

Roman Raines Finn breaks a table with the boy’s body!

Looks like Roman Reigns doesn’t want to use tables in tonight’s fight.

Finn Beller attacked the Universal Champion in everything!

Roman Reigns and Finn Belor attack each other with kento sticks. This is huge!

Serious rules 2021 main event begins!

Now it’s ‘ghost’, Finn Belar’s ​​turn.

Enter Champion first, Roman Reigns.

The final event of the night is coming: Roman Reigns vs. Finn Beller for the global title of SmackDown.

‘The Boss’ is all back! He attacked not only Bianca, but also Pecky Lynch, the SmackDown champion by disqualification.

Sasha Bangs interrupted the fight and everything seemed to be attacking Bianca Beller!

Becky Lynch seeks Bianca Beller’s surrender with her signature lock!

In strength and power, Bianca Blair is expected to be one step ahead.

Bianca Beller shows off her physical strength in the ring.

In the locker room it was confirmed that Big E would secure his WWE belt against Bobby Lashley this Monday. This is official.

Fight for the SmackDown Women’s title against Peggy Lynch. Bianca Blair!

Priest Damien recognized Jeff Hardy’s great struggle with this gesture. The audience did not stop clapping.

Damien Priest is still America’s champion!

Shimes decided to make an airstrike and the guy did it.

Great fight for the title of America! The public is rooted to Jeff Hardy. They are with him tonight.

This knee surprised Jeff Hardy as soon as Shimes rang the bell.

Three threats for the title of America are coming between Damien Pastor, Shimes and Jeff Hardy.

Alexa Bliss is heartbroken after Lily is destroyed in two by Charlotte Flair. He was crying in the ring.

Charlotte Blair retains her title on Raw’s female leg! The Queen continues to dominate!

Lily tore Charlotte Blair Alexa Bliss’ toy in two!

Charlotte Blair and Alexa Bliss are currently battling for the Raw Women’s title.

Usos will take the win and become the current champions.

This is the next fight: SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Usus (Jimmy & Jay) © vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montes Ford).

As expected, the new day with Big-E was a success.

The war was televised live and is the first fight of 2021’s serious terms.

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Live

Fight against the new day at this time. Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles and Omos.

Liv Morgan was the kickoff winner.

Carmella and Liv Morgan star in one of the kickoff fights of this WWE Extreme Rules 2021 event.

This is Charlotte Blair’s arrival for the WWE Extreme Rules 2021 event.

Behind the scenes, AJ Styles faced Big-E and Bobby Lashley.

Live Keep in mind that you can follow the start of the WWE Extreme Rules 2021 event here.

Damien Priest, the champion of the United States, defends his title against Shimes and Jeff Hardy today.

Review the implications of the SmackDown Women’s Title contest between Becky Lynch and Bianca Blair.

Rethink the story between Roman Reigns and Finn Blair, who will be fighting for the Universal title tonight.

When to watch WWE Extreme Rules 2021 live?

Perry: 7.00pm
Colombia: 7.00pm
Ecuador: 7.00pm
Estados Unidos: 7.00 pm (ET) / 4.00 pm (PT)
Mexico: 7.00 pm
Costa Rica: 6 p.m.
Bolivia: 8.00pm
Paraguay: 8.00pm
Venezuela: 8.00pm
Chile: 8.00pm
Brazil: 9.00pm
Argentina: 9.00pm
Uruguay: 9.00pm
Spain: 1.00 am (next day)
Italy: 1.00 am (next day)
France: 1.00 am (next day)
Germany: 1.00 am (next day)

Cordello strict rules

Campionado Feminino de SmackDown: Becky Lynch © vs Bianca Beller
United States Championship: Three Threats Between Damien Priest © vs. Vs Jeff Hardy. Shimes
Campionado Feminino de Ra: Charlotte Blair © vs Alexa Bliss
Cambionado Universal: Roman Rings © vs “The Demon” Finn Belor
Barrage de SmackDown Campinados: The Youssef (Jimmy & Jay) Street vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins y Montes Ford
Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

What are the extreme rules 2021 fights?

The Extreme Rules 2021 will have six different starting cards with five matches, five of which will be for different WWE titles. In this note you can see the schedule, results and channels to see the ninth edition of the event.

Where to look for WWE Extreme Rules 2021?

This WWE event can be viewed through the WWE Network and Star Action. You can watch the broadcast in Spanish on both signals.

This version of the WWE Extreme Rules will feature a fight between current champion Becky Lynch and challenger Bianca Blair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The main battle will be the clash between Roman Reigns champion for the Universal Championship and “The Demon” Finn Belar. Winner Brock Lesnar will face off at the WWE Crown Jewel 2021 special event on October 21 in Saudi Arabia.

Friends of El Comorcio, welcome to the online broadcast of WWE Extreme Rules 2021! All incidents, fights, results and statements of the protagonists can be found here.

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