Series Beginning of the Year – Top premieres for January [Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Prime Video]

Christmas and Christmas and after Christmas. New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve and After celebration. Time flies like crazy, but there’s nothing bad that doesn’t work well. You know – after all, every day brings us closer to the long-awaited moments of life, meetings with great people, new achievements and much more. As for us pop culture fans, each next day is, of course, an increasingly shorter wait for the premiere.

And although there are a lot of them in relation to video games, in the case of series and films … perhaps even more (considering the largest and highest productions). Most importantly – the beginning of the year will be great in this regard, therefore Just worth the wait And it looks like what the biggest ratings prepare for us. I guarantee there will be a lot going on!

And January itself can be called a really strong start to the year without hesitation. I am tempted to say that for many people, the pace of the first weeks of 2023 will be set by series production debuts on the biggest streaming platforms. So, without holding you back at first, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the list 10 movies you should not miss!

Star Wars: The Dirty Bunch – Season 2 (January 4) – Disney+

And January itself will begin with a bang, because on the fourth day of the new year the continuation of the wonderful cartoon from the Star Wars universe will appear. If you are a fan, then you have definitely watched the first series, and if you have, then you are definitely looking forward to the second. However, if you’re hearing about this title for the first time – be sure to make up for it, because there’s a lot to get excited about!

DS’s Stargirl – Season 3 (Jan 6) – HBO Max

In two days, the third season of one of the most interesting DC series currently in production will be released on the HBO platform. We’re talking about the Stargirl story, so – to put it a little flat and simple – the female version of Superman. However, I guarantee this is not just an attempt to feminize a folk hero. Instead, we get a great heroine who has a lot to offer. It’s not perfect, but I recommend it!

Family Guy – Season 21 (January 8) – Fox

Wow, it’s already 21 seasons! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that these adult cartoons have been going on for so long. On the other hand… given the quality of the humor and the constant adaptation to current times and the canon of comics, as well as the endless ideas for the ups and downs of a cult family, it’s hard to be surprised. As if that weren’t enough, there is no shortage of fans, so there is plenty to watch.

Vikings: Valhalla – Season 2 (Jan 12) – Netflix

Around the middle of the month, Season 2 of the hit series “Vikings” will premiere on Netflix. “By God” itself – for that is the title of this production – differs slightly from the original, but does not stand out in terms of the quality of execution and the approach to history. For those who watched the first season, I probably don’t need any encouragement. As for the others… get to know each other!

Sky Rojo – Season 3 (Jan 13) – Netflix

The creators of this Spanish series have one thing to offer – they have a really amazing pace of production. The hub debuted in 2021, and in a few days we’ll be getting a third season. The story, of course, will continue – three women, in search of freedom and trying to escape from the past, will have many adventures. Some are dramatic, some are funny, and some are completely twisted.

Server – Season 4 (Jan 13) – Apple TV+

I still remember how much I loved the first season of this series. It’s one thing a great casting selection, but keeping the viewer in a strange state of anxiety and fear for several episodes in a row is no easy task. So it was – unfortunately, the next two seasons did not work out so well, so it remains to be hoped that the next season, the fourth, will return to the roots and spoil us again with thick atmosphere.

Hunters – Season 2 (Jan 13) – Prime Video

The list will also include a kind of raisin that will defend Amazon’s honor. However, it is impossible not to mention the return of the series “The Hunters” in its second season. The well done ’70s drama delivered a really high standard in the first episodes. And despite some shortcomings, it is still considered something worthy of attention. confirm.

The Last of Us (January 15) – HBO Max

If I write that this is the most anticipated series of the year for video game fans, I’m probably not exaggerating even a bit. I’m even inclined to say that it’s the one that even people who don’t like watching spin-offs will reach for. The hopes are high, the potential is enormous, and the potential drop will be very high. I think it could work.

The Pink ’90s (January 19) – Netflix

Well, it seems that the situation here is not one – either you can tickle the nostalgia of fans, or a complete fiasco will come out. It’s hard for me to imagine it could be any other way. Preserving the formula years ago is a very risky undertaking, but if we can succeed it will have great proportions. I’m waiting, because as a kid, I watched a lot of episodes of “Pink…”

Truth Be Told – Season 3 (Jan 20) – Apple TV+

Creating a series based on a crime podcast at first seemed like a rather odd idea. I honestly confess that although I loved detective stories, I was more curious than excited. Then we got the first season, which dispelled all my doubts. The second was a little worse, and the third … well, we’ll find out on the 20th of January. are you waiting

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