Serena Williams retreated at Wimbledon.  They didn't want to give her five tennis cars

In this year’s edition Wimbledon The central court celebrated its centenary. Big stars came to the party Tennis – Including: Rod Laver, Billie Jean King, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. He was also supposed to be the 23-time winner of the Grand Slam tournaments, Serena Williamswho was eliminated in the first round with Frenchman Harmony Tan and lost 5:7, 6:1, 6:7 (7:10).

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Serena Williams wanted five cars

But in the end, Serena Williams wasn’t at the party. According to information from the “Telegraph”, the American left her because the Wimbledon representatives did not fulfill her request with five replacement cars for use during the tournament. She wanted a car not only for herself, but also for her husband, sister, mother and coach. Meanwhile, most tennis players only get one replacement car. In some cases, the most successful riders will race a maximum of two cars.

Serena Williams She also wanted to use the car throughout the championship, which was two weeks. This is what happens in other Grand Slam tournaments: Australian OpenRoland Garros and US Open. The organizers of American Wimbledon, however, have reported that this is impossible, because the cars must also be used by other tennis players who play in London. English journalists reported that Serena Williams was unhappy with this, which is why she refused to participate in the parade of the century.

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The organizers of the ceremony informed reporters that Serena Williams returned home, that is, to the United States. However, in the end, at the centenary of the Central Court, she was seen with her husband Alexis Ohanian at a concert by the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park (London’s Royal Garden).

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