Senator of the Republic of Poland responds to the attack of the city chief.  "Something is wrong"

Zielona Góra’s president, Janusz Kubicki, accused Senator Robert Doohan of making the Highway Club’s massive debt and obstructing the rescue mission. It wasn’t long until the second politician responded. The conflict cannot be resolved easily.

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On Friday, in an interview with WP Sportowefakty, Zielona Góra president Janusz Kubicki revealed for the first time that this year’s club Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra had millions of dollars in debt that remained at the club after the ruling. Former President, now Senator of the Republic of Poland, Robert Doohan. You can read the full interview here

The poor state of the club in recent years (falling from PGE Ekstraliga, not being promoted this year) was one of the effects of the negligence of the former president, who was supposed to “take a loan and celebrate success, and then run away”. responsibility for his decisions.

These are not the only accusations, as they were also about creating a bad atmosphere around the club, focusing only on criticizing the team or withholding your consent to save Fallopaz from bankruptcy.

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– These statements undermine the seriousness of the Zielona Góra Mayor’s office as an institution, and underline in particular that something is wrong with our President, Janusz Kubicki. His recent statements about the situation of Fallopaz, or his earlier statements about COVID-19, or other conspiracy theories mocking the person who is the mayor of one of Poland’s largest cities – comments by Robert Doohan.

The senator believes that the whole procedure is planned and intended to discredit him in his constituency before the next election.

As a politician, I’m already used to the narrative that there are enemies everywhere, if not Germans, women, gays, teachers, etc. It’s ridiculous that even though I haven’t held a job at the club for eight years, I’m still guilty of being relegated or not being promoted. Claiming that there are millions of dollars in debt allegedly left behind after my judgment is a complete misunderstanding. After all, Fallopaz, like any other club, undergoes a professional audit every year and on this basis receives a license for the next season – explains Dohan.

– If what President Zielona Góra said is true, then the authorized auditors and the authorities of PGE Ekstraliga and PZM must have colluded, since none of them had ever discovered any debts. How is it possible that for so many years, no entity has asked for the allegedly outstanding huge funds. After all, no one sued Fallopaz for debt, and no player complained to the press. It must have been a solid arrangement, which – as I understand it – the president has just discovered – adds Dohan, who does not hide his astonishment in his last interview with Janusz Kubicki.

Not so long ago, the gentlemen had excellent relations, but now their ways parted and they did not keep themselves insolvent. The next arena of contention was the Motorcycle Club, which is the pride of the city and for years was one of the most famous centers of motorcycle racing across the country. Robert Doohan is considered the power maker of this team in the twenty-first century, because during his reign the club won the gold medals of the Polish team championship three times.

– Of course, had it not been for the president, there would have been no fallopazes at all. Well, maybe not everything will be from Zielona Góra. Just explain how great Fallopaz was when the city wasn’t at the club as a shareholder, and the recent defeats happened when the city started running the club – adds Doohan sarcastically.

The former president is still a shareholder in Falubaz, and has promised that in the following days he will detail all the charges brought against him by Janusz Kubicki.

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