Self-maker under the magnifying glass of the Bureau of Competition and Consumer Protection.  Mateusz Morawiecki saw an "economic future" in this company, and UOKiK saw financial pyramiding and consumer misinformation.

Prime Minister Matthew Moraveki In June 2020, at the height of the campaign election, visited one of the companies in ód – the company SelfMaker (or rather, its branch). The head of government appeared at the company headquarters three weeks later Yukik Inspection began two years later Yukik Serious charges were brought against the company. Morawiecki He even said that “when I get the chance to see what a company like Self-Maker is doing, I’m filled with the most optimistic thoughts about the economic future.”

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UOKiK files charges against Selfmaker from Łódź, a company praised by Morawiecki

Selfmaker z . technology ód It deals with the production of, among other things, self-service devices, such as cash registers, cash deposit machines, information kiosks or automatic hand sanitizing equipment. In contrast, Selfmaker Smart Solutions is headquartered in Dubai (UAE), responsible for issuing tokens. The two companies, as well as the president of Lodz and five entrepreneurs who heavily promote their activities, were accused of violating collective interests consumers.

The allegations mainly revolve around icons, that is, the numerical value units assigned to a specific investment project. The company issued from Dubai a token – Selfmaker Smart Solutions and announced that it will buy 25 percent of the funds from its issuance. Shares in a company from وودód, and promised its investors-consumers, to pay the assets in respect of profits made, starting in 2024. UOKiK President Thomas Crostiny has questioned these practices.

UOKiK claims that the self-maker can mislead consumers

“The head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has objections to the claim that consumers who invest in the Selfmaker Smart Solutions token will be able to count on a share in the profits of the Selfmaker Group. In fact, these entities are not under any obligation to token holders. Moreover, consumers buy tokens. Featured. Selfmaker Smart Solutions has been confirmed to have invested in secure tokens, reflected in real assets, STO (Security Token Offer)”- We read in the version.

The company can mislead consumers in this way. According to UOKiK, there are no legal guarantees in the form of an agreement between Dubai and ódź companies regarding the transfer of funds or the payment of dividends to shareholders. Investors enter into an agreement only with a company from Dubai, which may be of prime importance in any problems with the pursuit of claims.

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Self Maker of Lodz financial pyramid?

Also controversial is the partnership project through which tokens are distributed. Profits in this program depend on the introduction of other consumers into the system. This is how they work Pyramids Finance, the essence of which is the promise of benefits in exchange for acquisition the new people in the temple.

– In our opinion, the Selfmaker can base its affiliate program on a hierarchical system, which may adversely affect the economic interests of the people who join it – says Tomasz Chróstny, Head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Was the self maker of lodge used by deaf people?

In the background, there are also allegations that the company conducted extensive marketing among the deaf community. Because of communication barriers, these people may be more likely to make decisions about investing money and may have difficulties verifying information.

– Misleading and unreliable information is an unfair practice in the market, and it is especially shocking to promote this type of risky investment product among deaf people who need special protection against infringement of their rights – says President Crostiny.

If the allegations are confirmed in the UOKiK proceedings, companies will face a fine of up to 10%. Doran, as well as five entrepreneurs against whom the UOKiK president is taking action. The head of Selfmaker Technology is threatened with a fine of up to 2 million PLN.

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