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Crave offers a good selection of series and movies. Here is a list compiled by our columnists and journalists.

The Hill: Part Two

Craig Fraser’s remarkable cinematography, Joe Walker’s precise editing and Hans Zimmer’s hypnotic soundtrack, also an Oscar winner. HillThe aerial and ground combat scenes, the filmmaker’s brilliantly composed scenes, are nothing to be envied in Kurosawa’s staging (ran), Coppola (Apocalypse Now), Spielberg (Saves Private Ryan) and Scott (Napoleon)

Manon Dumais

In the memorial

In a galaxy near you: 25 years of work


Father has 100 children – Chapter Four

call me Country: Beyonce & Nashville’s Revival

Photo by Mario Anjuoni, Archives Reuters

Beyoncé at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last April

The documentary is produced by Warner Bros. Discovery, and broadcast on CNN, explores his dive into the heart of the genre beloved by rodeo fans and the record’s impact on the entertainment industry. The show attracted the attention of some black country artists, including Rhiannon Giddens, a banjo player Texas Holt MBeyonce’s most recent hit.

Marc-Andre Lemieux




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