Sébastien Delorme broke down in tears after filming a scene in Indefensible

Like the audience, Sébastien Delorme is quite shocked by the case of Mathilde (Amy Cigoin) character. Insecure.

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If you’ve been following the show, you may have been upset by Mathilde’s testimony on Wednesday evening.

Because you know very well that you are not the only one Sebastien Delorme Touched by the sight, to the point of shedding a few tears.

In fact, in a video posted on the newspaper’s Instagram account, we learn a story from the shoot that took place while the team was recording a scene of Mathilde’s testimony. While being his translator, Amy ChicoineDelivering a solid and tender performance, Sébastien Delorme tears up as a spectator watching the scene.

In the short capsule, the young woman explains that after finishing her misadventure, she noticed that her play partner was unresponsive. So she tries to whisper her line to him, thinking he’s amnesiac, but the reason is completely different: he’s simply shaken off by his sidekick’s text.

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“I looked up and he was crying and his eyes were red. […] Finally, we took a minute and brought him a handkerchief. […] He felt bad»Says the actress.

“In his game, which was minimalist, we all wanted to bring that as an audience. And then I was in the front row,” adds Leo’s translator for his part.

Watch the video here:

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Also, regarding Mathilde’s case, the verdict and thus the punishment for the teenager will be known only this evening.

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