Sebastian Yatra unleashes controversy by kissing strangers in the middle of the street |  VIDEO CELEBS NNDC |  Performances

He unleashed a barrage of criticism after appearing on the latest episode of “Al Volande” on the show “Escorbian Torado”.

The comedian presented the “Red Heels” translator with a bouquet of roses and challenged him to kiss a woman’s lip on the street. Without making any excuses, Yatra agreed to be a part of this movement.

You can see in the pictures that many women, who do not hide their emotions when they see the artist, reject him by explaining that they have a partner. After that, they all received a flower from the singer and a kiss on the cheek.

Without fear of corona:

After a few minutes, you notice how a stranger agrees to fulfill the challenge of kissing the artist. They both pressed their lips together for several seconds without fear of a Govt-19 infection.

As the world is in the midst of the fight against the Kovit-19 epidemic, and with the rapid expansion of the Omigron variant, his great desire to face this challenge posed a huge question for the artist on social media. , Which is already taking victims around the world.

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