Scientists were shocked by this gamma-ray burst.  It is very close to us...

Observatories around the world have revealed an unusually powerful explosion in space. The event was recorded on October 9 and got a name Swift G 1913.1 + 1946. At first it was thought to be a short burst of X-rays from a nearby source, but only further analysis revealed that scientists had underestimated the object’s true nature.

It turns out it was One of the most powerful gamma ray burststhat have been recorded so far. This phenomenon was given a new name GRB221009A It became one of the earliest eruptions of this kind. The location of the blast source was located around 2 .4 billion light-years from the sun.

In addition, it was found that The energy of the explosion was up to 18 TeV. Although the event was there 20 times closer than the average gamma-ray burstAccording to scientists – it does not threaten life on Earth.

Gamma rays are the most energetic form of light in the universe. They are formed as a result of the breakdown of atomic nuclei. gamma ray burst It releases the same amount of energy in a second as the Sun does in 10 billion years. Such events usually occur as a result of the death of distant, large stars in the form of a supernova or hyperventilation, or as a result of the collision of two neutron stars.

In case GRB221009A It is not clear what caused the flare. Gemma Anderson of the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in Australia comments that it could be an exceptionally powerful supernova. The source of the explosion is in a very distant galaxy, and the recorded explosion is a strong candidate for the most powerful gamma-ray burst we have observed so far. If the data from the observatory LHAASO in China Confirmed, it will be the first recorded torch obtained above 10 tera volts.

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