Scientists want warnings about junk food like cigarette packs

Experts who took part in the idea of ​​specifically labeling certain foods told BMJ Global Health that the public “has fallen victim to clever marketing tactics by companies that produce ultra-processed foods laden with sugar, fat and salt.”

According to scientists, the main component of such activities is the construction of positive feelings about these products. For this reason, food “that our grandparents don’t recognize” should carry warnings similar to those on cigarette packs.

Examples of these foods to scientists include unhealthy sweets, soda or frozen pizza, the Daily Mail reported.

Scientists warned that “text and video messages will warn us of the risks of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and, consequently, premature death. For example, they will display images of lung cancer.”

According to the researchers, “ultra-processed” foods are “new tobacco” and therefore labeling rules should be stricter.

Industrial processing as well as the use of combinations of additives, flavors, emulsifiers or dyes make the final product appear exceptionally tasty and possibly addictive. This causes buyers to develop poor eating patterns, explains Trish Kotter of New York-based Vital Strategies that deals with public health.

What exactly are – according to Cotter – “ultra-processed” products? As I calculated, they are ready to eat immediately after purchase, contain at least five ingredients, and also have a long shelf life.

The Polish National Health Fund reported in March that every fourth man in our country and 23 percent. Women are obese.

In addition, Polish children are gaining weight the fastest in Europe. According to the National Health Trust, nearly half of boys and 25 percent are overweight. the girls.

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