December 5, 2022


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Scientists want to grow billions of stem cells in space

Scientists want to grow billions of stem cells in space

Stem cells could potentially be transplanted into space International Space Station. “Cosmic cells” can improve various therapies that use stem cells.

Thanks Stem Cells Almost any other type of cell can be made in the human body. It is highly adaptable and could be a key tool in developing treatments for many diseases, including heart disease and Parkinson’s disease.

As scholars point out, microgravity conditions Aboard an orbiting space station provides a new environment for research into innovative methods and applications of stem cells. Several experiments with this type of cell have already been performed on the International Space Station in the past.

In the future, patients who will need stem cell therapy They will need up to billions of cells to heal. Unfortunately, the Earth’s gravity makes it difficult to grow them in very large numbers. Large bioreactors are required for production, and cells must be stirred constantly so that they do not stick together or sink to the bottom of the tank. At the same time, the mixing process may damage it. In microgravity, cells can develop “freely” and will not be damaged.

A team of scientists recently sent a small container into space containing stem cells. In a special box you can find the pumps and chemical solutions needed to keep the cells alive for four weeks. The same container with stem cells will work on the ground. After this time, the “Space Box” will return to our planet, and scientists will compare the results of the experiment and It will evaluate the potential value of stem cell growth in space.

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