Scientists talk about a shocking discovery.  A revolution in the understanding of the universe.  The greatest discovery since Einstein?

Physicists say the discovery, David Tupac of the Chicago-based research team, told BBC News: “If the results were verified by other experiments, it would be a different world.”

According to the current theory of the workings of the universe, particles are affected by the so-called The four fundamental forces of nature: Gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak interaction. The latter is carried by W boson and the discovery about him.

Scientists at Fermilab Research Center in Illinois found that a particle known as the W boson It’s bigger than the theories predict. If further experiments confirm this, the effects would be enormous. The BBC wrote: “The so-called Standard Model of particle physics has predicted the behavior and properties of subatomic particles for fifty years without any discrepancies. Now that may change.”

That we don’t know

“No one expected that. We thought we might be wrong,” said Giorgio Chiarelli, who was involved in the study. At the same time, he makes sure that the team reviews their results accurately and tries to look for errors. They did not find anything.

Unconfirmed results so far indicate, among other things, deviations from the Standard Model of particle physics. Perhaps as a result of an undiscovered fifth force of nature.

“Physicists have known for some time that the Standard Model theory needs updating. It cannot explain the existence of an invisible substance in space, called dark matterNor the constant acceleration of the expansion of the universe by a force called dark energy. Nor can it explain gravity.”

All eyes are now on Large Hadron Collider On the French-Swiss border, which is set to resume its experiments after a three-year renovation. It may confirm the revolutionary results from Chicago.

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