Scientists have developed the perfect battery.  This could be very bad news for China

The research team composed of Professor Byungwoo Kang and Dr. Hetaek Park (currently working at the Next Generation Battery Research Center at the Korea Electric Technology Research Institute) from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), has developed a high-energy, highly efficient sodium-ion battery. . Charging this battery will only take a few seconds.

Sodium will convert the batteries

What also makes this battery special is that it can use sodium (Na) and air, without using any special equipment. The new battery also has a higher energy density than commercial lithium-ion batteries, which increases its efficiency.

The use of pure oxygen in metal air batteries can be difficult due to chemical reactions that occur between the discharge products and atmospheric components such as carbon dioxide and water. They lead to the formation of carbonates or hydroxides, which may be difficult to decompose using electrochemical methods.

How does a sodium ion battery work?

Scientists used two different metal-organic frameworks for optimal synthesis of hybrid batteries. Thanks to this, they were able to work with the anode material with improved kinetics by adding fine active materials to porous carbon derived from metal-organic frameworks. The assembled complete cell, consisting of a newly developed anode and cathode, creates a high-performance sodium-ion hybrid energy storage device – reports.

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