June 1, 2023


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Scientists are surprised - the oceans hide huge amounts of ... sugar

Scientists are surprised – the oceans hide huge amounts of … sugar

If someone asked you where to look for sugar, you might not have discovered that it can be found in salty oceans? However, it turned out to be so, which scientists did not know until recently. Where did you find his deposits?

It turned out that large deposits of sucrose were found At the bottom of the oceanson the ground lately Officially there are five. They are formed during photosynthesis by seaweed. Plants need most of this sugar for metabolism and growth. However, on summer days, when there is more sunshine, it happens Release the allowance at the roots.

Photo: HYDRA Marine Sciences GmbH

Scientists estimate that this type of sugar deposit all over the world can weigh together up to 1.3 million tons. That’s the amount found in about 32 billion cans of Coca-Cola. In addition, scientists note that the sucrose present here is not absorbed by other organisms from the environment. It is caused by the phenolic compounds released by seaweed.

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