W badaniu obserwowano młode osobniki z gatunku Evarcha arcuata (fot. blw Naturstudio/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Spiders go through an active sleep phase while at rest. They can dream just like mammals, as shown by their eye and leg movements, almost a new study by TVP Nauka suggests.

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Until now, only vertebrates were thought to sleep in two stages, experiencing the stages of restful sleep (NREM) and active sleep (REM). REM sleep is shallow and easy to wake up from. It indicates that during REM sleep, rapid eye movements are observed TVP Science.

Mammals, birds, and reptiles have undergone many experiments to study sleep behavior. However, the real mystery is sleep in invertebrates. An international team of scientists led by Daniela Rossler from the University of Konstanz (Germany) decided to check whether spiders can sleep. The results of the experiment are described in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Recording Analysis

The study looked at juveniles (Evarcha arcuata) of the jumping family. Recording analysis showed that spiders Experience a condition as seen during the phase of active sleep. This indicates the behavior of representatives of spiders – trembling of the legs and eye movement is observed. In humans, certain areas of the brain are more active and are closely associated with sleep during REM sleep. According to the authors, the nocturnal movements of spiders indicate that they experience a similar condition to mammals during the stage of active sleep.

Harvard biologist Paul Shamble admits that “many spider-like species don’t actually have motile eyes, which makes it difficult to compare their sleep cycles.” The researchers note that it is difficult to prove the existence of REM sleep in spiders, but they intend to continue their work.


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