Schulze appealed to Lithuania.  It is located around the Siege of Kaliningrad

As Politico describes, speaking at a press conference at the NATO Summit in Madrid, Schultz “The task of the European Union is to establish the necessary framework and rules” for the transport of goods from Russia to its territory, he said.

The crisis began when, in mid-June, the European Union imposed new sanctions on Russia, according to which the European Union banned the import of Russian steel and ferrous materials. A railway carrying goods from Russia to Kaliningrad passes through Lithuania, so customs officials began to stop freight trains for inspection.. This, in turn, has led to Moscow threatening “practical” retaliation if the EU fails to lift the ban on metal goods seized on the road.

– And of course those [zasady] It should always be determined in light of the fact that there is traffic between two parts of Russia, he added, noting that EU sanctions against Russian goods entering Kaliningrad should not apply because they did not enter as imports, but simply came in transit.

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