Schroeder in Moscow.  Talking to Putin about gas.  I want to launch an important investment

– Of course, the former chancellor, like all the people and experts who think and understand in Europe, is very concerned about reality and worried about the energy crisis brewing in Europe – said a Kremlin spokesman, citing RIA Novosti agency.

Peskov argues that the reasons for such a decision “have been explained by President Putin to the former chancellor in a very comprehensive and detailed way.”

Schroeder talks with Putin about gas

According to the Kremlin version, this was due to problems with turbine maintenance at a time when a number of sanctions were imposed on Russia.

The former advisor asked if, by default, Nord Stream 2 could be involved in any crisis situation. President Putin replied that it is technologically feasible, and a lot of work has been done. The Russian President’s spokesman said that this project, which is a complex mechanism, is ready for immediate use.

Schroeder currently serves on the board of directors of the Russian company responsible for Nord Stream 2.

In February, Germany suspended certification of the completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline due to the war in Ukraine, preceded by the Kremlin’s recognition of two republics in eastern Ukraine. Berlin has ruled out the possibility of starting gas transit from Russia via Nord Stream 2.

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No counselor was ever on vacation

Gerhard Schroeder had earlier argued that he was going to Russia on vacation. “Moscow is a beautiful city,” the former chancellor justified his choice. But his wife exposed him. She admitted to the German media that Schroeder did not go there to rest, but Talks about energy policy are held in Moscow.

Adviser to the President of Ukraine, Mikhailo Podolak, announced, on Wednesday, that the former chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder is the “Messenger of the Russian Empire”.

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