“Scent of a Woman”: Al Pacino revealed one of the movie’s biggest secrets

“It came from a man—a real lieutenant—who taught me how to load and unload a gun without looking. And it’s complicated when you have to do both in 45 seconds. Pretend something, respond by shouting ‘Ho-A! ‘. I asked him what he meant. And about the fact that it was said among the soldiers. I told him I had to use it. This saying fell from the sky, ”- he recalls Al Pacino In an interview with Yahoo.

In fact, the actor often used this embellishment in creating his role. On YouTube you can find a recording of about a minute long, which is a compilation of all the shout outs said by the spirited presenter Frank Slade “scent of a woman”.

The ho-a cry is used in the US military as a battle cry, and it can also mean praise for certain actions. It also happens that this call is used instead of “Yes, it is” in informal situations. One theory is that “hu-a” comes from “heard, understood, recognized” (HUA: “heard, understood, recognized”).

For his role in Scent of a Woman, Pacino won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He showed that he could not only play the blind man perfectly, but also what a good dancer he was, which he proved in the famous tango scene.

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