Scenes like from a movie.  Polish-American exercises at Lake Solińskie

The training was attended by officers from the Police Prevention Department in Rzeszow – Tactical Support Platoon, policemen from CBŚP, soldiers from the US Army, soldiers from the 21st Bodhill Rifle Brigade, firefighters from the Podkarpackie Province and Bieszczady WOPR.

Training of emergency services entitled The main objective of the “Oasis” program was to improve service cooperation in the event of dangerous situations and to prepare to secure the tourist season. Professional training in water rescue and special activities on water was conducted with RIB boats.

On the first day, the training participants got acquainted with the creation of line mounts, the construction of safety systems and the rules for their use. Then they used the skills acquired in practice, while overcoming obstacles in the Sulina Lake Dam. The scenario of the second day of training included, among other things, a terrorist incident involving taking and rescuing a hostage using specialized equipment and assisting him, as well as removing the victim from a sinking vehicle. On the last day, a cut scene was conducted – a search for an armed and especially dangerous person, in rough terrain, using maps, a compass and GPS devices.

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Polish-American exercises at Lake SolińskieDarek Delmanovich / PAP
Polish-American exercises at Lake SolińskieDarek Delmanovich / PAP
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